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The superyacht Aquarius, a floating palace

The superyacht Aquarius, a floating palace

Praised by the public, the superyacht Aquarius won the 2017 International Yacht and Aviation Award for its interior design. Designed by turkish agency Autoban, it looks like a five star. Spotlight on this traveling home!

Who does not dream of an unforgettable vacation aboard a pleasure boat? The Aquarius, whose interior was designed by the turkish agency Autoban, is a true masterpiece of elegance and well-being, offering at the same time balance and dynamism. 45 meters long, this yacht, designed on three levels and equipped with three internal decks in addition to a laminated wood sun deck, is resolutely in line with modernity with its clean silhouette. On board, pomp and sophistication are the key words. Precious materials, such as wood and marble, are used to provide a unique living environment. Combining aesthetics and functionality, fully equipped like a luxury residence, this flagship is characterized by its refined and expensive atmosphere, its bright and open interior as well as its generous surfaces. Everything is carefully studied to guarantee quality, excellence and comfort at high speed. The designers are betting on safe codes and values: neutral colors, noble materials, modern furniture, fine details… A completely successful bet, as the multiple spaces breathe la dolce vita! Enough to give cruise passengers the desire to party in all weathers and to sail all seas every day of the year.

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