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A floating palace

A floating palace

The Arcadia A105 Superyacht image

The Arcadia A105, manufactured by Arcadia Yachts, in collaboration with the agency Hot Lab Design, is like a real luxury residence. With its elegant hull, coupled with a designer interior, this exceptional liner has something to impress.

Who does not dream of an unforgettable vacation aboard a floating palace? To sail aboard a sumptuous boat carefree, according to the winds, like these happy few whom we admire on glossy paper? To evolve in the universe of sophistication and elegance of pleasure boats, wonderfully embodied by the Arcadia A105? Designed by the Italian shipyard Arcadia Yachts, in partnership with the Milanese studio Hot Lab Design, the 31-meter three-story cruise trawler is adapted to the owner’s requirements. Combining aesthetics, functionality and high performance, it exhibits a beautiful look, combining elements of contemporary design and high-tech. The superstructure stands out above all for its innovative, environmentally friendly developments. Starting with its huge sliding glass doors providing both breathtaking views of the ocean and natural air conditioning from the inside. The glass used by manufacturers offers particularly effective thermal insulation at a time when integrated solar panels reduce the use of generators for energy production. Designed, moreover, to provide better interaction with nature, its interior, bright and tastefully furnished, extends outside, thanks to the multiple balconies deployed over the water, further accentuating the impression of space and well-being.


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