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Virgin Izakaya Bar Odesa, a purely Japanese place

Virgin Izakaya Bar Odesa, a purely Japanese place

One of the goals in developing the concept for the second Virgin Izakaya Bar in Odessa, Ukraine, is to introduce as many people as possible to the extraordinarily vibrant and diverse nightlife culture of Japan. And in order for the public to get a better feel for the atmosphere, the YoDezeen office had to rethink the most interesting traditional elements and integrate them into the walls.

The project is inspired by the atmosphere of nocturnal Japan, where evening entertainment has always been an integral part of the culture. It is an example of neoclassicism, combining the characteristics of Art Nouveau with ancient Roman architectural traditions. The central facade preserves details unique to Odessa and the 560 m2 restaurant is spread over three levels including a first floor with a terrace, a mezzanine with a banquet hall and a secret room serving as a bar. Inside, there is an abundance of traditional red, natural unlacquered wood, bare concrete, accent lighting and decorative elements typical of the country. A custom-made wire mesh mezzanine arch, painted red, establishes a link with Asian architecture, brings authenticity to the space and serves as an additional element to expand the mezzanine and add a banquet room. The ceiling is decorated with oak slats and the second floor windows with wooden shutters. From the latter, black marble steps lead to the secret cell, a unique lounge of Virgin Izakaya Bar Odesa, covered with fabric wallpaper with captivating Japanese patterns, which are also on the sofas. One of the walls here is a decorative panel with wooden cells and tassels. Fine bartenders prepare and pour drinks that are sure to reproduce the mysterious atmosphere of Japanese entertainment. From the dim lighting to the lanterns above the bar, to the comfy sofas, aging mirrors and dark steps, every element enhances the overall atmosphere. There are tables of various sizes, upholstered furniture, armchairs, the bar counter and all metal products, including the main arch structure and ornamental elements for lighting. YoDezeen uses natural materials in the design, such as natural wood table tops, copper lamps, real leather, and wooden seats and chairs.

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