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Under the wing of the mountain

Under the wing of the mountain

The T.Eterno restaurant opened in the inner suburbs of Beijing, China. Under the aegis of the architectural firm Nazodesign Studio, this new gastronomic venue places mountain views at the center of the design of its intimate and welcoming courtyard.

Located in DaXi Mountain Phoenix Range, outside the Western Ring Road of Beijing, China, T.Eterno Restaurant is formed by two neighboring private houses, with independent courtyards and a large orchard, through which visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the mountain range opposite. The owner, who wanted to turn the whole thing into a private dining place, entrusted the chinese architectural firm, Nazodesign Studio, made up of architects Shaoyin Tian, Yuxian Zeng, YiKe Guo and Zengquan Zhang, with the task of carrying out the renovation of buildings, as well as the construction, the interior and the exterior decoration in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Thus, the southern facade of the open-air courtyard is transformed into a tea room area, allowing one to experience nature against a backdrop of diverse shadows and lights. Cement slabs, old bricks and fragments of gray stone are adopted as cladding materials to confirm the rustic aspect of the project. All the elements of gastronomy, mountain views, privacy, space and culture work together to offer the client a unique way to live a new dynamic experience in a wonderful world.

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