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Tunguska, beautiful as a winter trip to Siberia

Tunguska, beautiful as a winter trip to Siberia


The Tunguska restaurant, designed by architecture and interior design studio LEFTdesign, reflects the beauty and strength of the Siberian taiga, an ecoregion located in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Far from the old-fashioned traditional Russian decor, the interior adopts the spirit of the surrounding natural habitat. Local ecological materials combined with a zero waste concept complete the project.

The key element of the new restaurant is environmental awareness and responsible consumption, reflected in the installation of modern air purification technologies. One of the main challenges was to establish an open kitchen with a traditional Russian stove and a zero pollution ventilation system. LEFTdesign then creates a Siberian taiga atmosphere, while paying homage to local rivers, such as the Enisey and Tunguska, sources of food such as fish and meat, consumed daily in the northern parts of Siberia and featured on the Tunguska menu. Most of the materials used in the design come from the surrounding area. The floor, a kind of terrazzo, is made of Enisey pebbles, for example, while the countertops in the bar and kitchen are made from solid granite. The partitions and walls are natural tree trunks taken from nearby forests that have dried for several years. In addition, the metal pipes that line the kitchen hoods, stove and stairs reflect the rocks that can be seen on the shores of Tunguska. The handcrafted lamp posts are inspired by the fishing tools of the peoples of the Far North. The sofas with metal backs reflect the lights and look like an island in the river, while the metal mesh on the ceiling undulates like polar lights. The graphic design and logo are based on ancient petroglyphs found in caves and rocks. The toilets take shape on the lower level, adopting a mysterious character underlined by special music based on the guttural singing of shamans. All these elements are combined to create a unique, quiet and comfortable atmosphere, which gives a real sense of luxury.

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