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The Reberbar in Kiev

The Reberbar in Kiev

The Reberbar in Kiev image

In Kiev, Ukraine, Reberbar, a bar specializing in beer and beef ribs, imagined by the studio YUDIN Design, sets up a straightforward concept, with a composition of decorative elements from the world of beer. The enclosure covers 350 m² and holds 150 seats.

The brothers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin, chief designers of the studio YUDIN Design, created an interior in the image of the product. Reberbar, or rib bar, essentially takes three very egregious colors, defining the home of beer. Yellow, white and shades of gray at the back of the stage translate an atypical advertising space. With a concept of proximity between customers and the company, the two floors generate a brutalist landing around a bright and transparent glass bar 3 meters long and a restaurant with more or less minimalist and private characteristics. Metal barrels are at the center of the project. In fact, they serve as structural and support elements for tables, in addition to wooden partitions, sinks in toilets, as well as fulfilling their primary objective, preserving beer. In addition, these barrels are used as lighting objects, chandeliers above the tables in the VIP room. In this latter surface, the vertical walls are adorned with imagery of pigs from arrangements of colored inverted bottles. Finally, even the traffic jams found a new vocation; they are assembled in a hop flower mosaic, producing one of the most famous walls for photography enthusiasts.

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