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The Bao Mochi restaurant in Saint Petersburg

The Bao Mochi restaurant in Saint Petersburg

The Bao Mochi restaurant in Saint Petersburg image

The young and very promising Russian architect and interior designer Marat Mazur seduces us with his latest project: the Asian restaurant Bao Mochi, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Appetizing and comfortable, the decor is an invitation to feast.

The Bao Mochi restaurant, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is aptly named, as it is renowned for the famous bao, a dish originating in northern China, consisting of a steamed bread stuffed with a variety of flavors; as well as for the delicious mochi, a Japanese dessert made from rice. Inspired by these delicacies and attentive to Asian culture, the architect Marat Mazur opted for a sweet decor, rich in colors and textures. Dominated by a soft purple and rounded shapes, the visitor immediately feels welcomed in a universe of sweetness and taste pleasure. The seats, in a plump configuration and bright colors, reason with the moon-shaped lights, only part of which is colored, which gives the room a playful and light appearance. While the walls represent bamboo, the plants are constantly present, hung along them or above the counter and reflect a sought-after work. When highlighted, the greenery not only provides natural light, but also relaxes the mind, inviting you to let go of your meal. The back wall of the hall is lined with a remarkably original frieze made up of niches, in which multicolored mochi turn and turn.


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