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Spectacular atmosphere

Spectacular atmosphere


YoDezeen Architectural Studio is undertaking the redevelopment of Catch, an upscale restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine. Four months of work is enough to produce an elegant and modern interior, which delights gourmets as well as fans of style and decoration.

In the heart of Kiev, Ukraine, at 12 Vladimirskaya Street, the Catch restaurant is born, designed and built by the team at YoDezeen Architectural Studio. Architects Artem Zverev, Arthur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova, Alexandra Popova, Kristina Galyuta and Denis Tereshyn have succeeded in highlighting the space which spans 560 m2. The place specializes in fish, with a varied selection of seafood, eight kinds of oysters and an extensive assortment of white wines and champagnes. During the day, it is frequented by a business clientele and in the evening it turns into a romantic retreat. To begin with, the designers freed the volumes as much as possible, to flood the interior with light and air. Thanks to a large number of pendant lights, mirrors and shiny surfaces, set against untreated raw materials, such as metal pieces and concrete columns, the main room is overflowing with wonderful reflections. A common table, currently a fashion trend in european gastronomic life, is the pride of the place. In solid oak, and slightly raised, it is lit by a true masterpiece that overhangs it: a chandelier of 450 glass balls, which helps to spread a calm and pleasant atmosphere, of delicate chic.

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