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Japanese flavor in Santa Fe, Mexico

Japanese flavor in Santa Fe, Mexico


Located in the commercial district of Santa Fe, Tori Tori is the fifth outpost of the famous Japanese restaurant chain in Mexico City. Designed by Esrawe Studio, under the direction of Héctor Esrawe, it is located on the ground floor of a corporate office tower and includes several dining rooms and a space for take away food.

Esrawe Studio used dark walls, ceilings and floors across the site’s 720 m2, creating a black backdrop with pale oak wood details. Inspired by the subtlety and sobriety of Japanese craftsmanship, the serene and monochromatic atmosphere underlines the scale of the space with two hanging objects in holm oak. Monumental in size and expression, their texture is reminiscent of samurai armor, especially the breastplate known in Japanese as the dō. One of these marks the area for take away, called grab & go, and the larger one rises above the main Teppanyaki table like a cylindrical extractor hood. Both are transformed into luminous rooms which define and delimit, thanks to their scale, the two poles of the restaurant. The main wall, housing the sushi bar, is surrounded by bas-reliefs based on abstraction and stylization of kanji writing towards pure geometrical graphics. Besides the central area, Tori Tori Santa Fe also has a private dining area and an outdoor dining area with eight Teppanyaki round tables and additional seating. Esrawe Studio designed all the tailor-made furniture. The chairs of different models are in oak left natural or painted black.

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