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An indefinable restaurant in Bangkok

An indefinable restaurant in Bangkok

First the name was chosen… NOWHERE. The architectural concept followed, signed by Stu/D/O. Then was born, in Bangkok, Thailand, on one of the roofs of Ekkamai Street, this bar and restaurant with an incredible universe, where reality takes on a new meaning, thanks to architecture.

For this establishment located on the roof of the Tha City Loft Hotel, the owners wanted a meeting place of its environment, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Entrusted to Stu/D/O, this somewhat phantasmagorical project is therefore anchored in the space imagined between the obvious and the surreal. To do this, the design team is betting on a daring idea: to juxtapose the pragmatism of architecture with the abstraction of art and the concrete of materials with the immateriality of the philosophical ideas. What could be more fundamentally sound than the most essential building element, the stairs? Diverted stairs, with no destination. So instead of connecting levels and people, the steps form two uninterrupted multifunctional loops. As they descend and climb, the platforms serve as a bar, seats, tables, or even a common area. The hotel serves its customers in the morning, through its breakfast area, and is open to the public in the evening through its bar and restaurant. To underline this contrast and translate this dual role, rungs connect the space and tend towards the sky as if vanishing in the clarity of the sun, the downy clouds or the falling night. A nowhere that holds the entire universe within itself.

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