An atypically Japanese bar in Quebec


In Quebec, in a trendy district of Montreal, Le Blossom, a sake bar, reflects a new approach far from the traditional clichés of Japanese culture. Designed by Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design (MRDK), this project is the fruit of the 3rd collaboration with the restorer Dan Pham.

In order to create a unique environment, on the 140 m2 of space, the Quebec design studio MRDK establishes research around an aestheticism far from all abused ideas. Between a futuristic approach emanating from Japan, a nod to Quebec from the middle of the last century and factors borrowed from Wall Street in the 1980s, the ambiance of the restaurant is very special. One of the major features of this composition remains the giant cherry tree in the center, with pink silk foliage. Having become the symbol of space, this construction, 3,5 meters high and 5 wide, made in China and assembled in Montreal, is surrounded by a circular counter. The other key element of the design would be the raised wooden bar with its floating seats. It has three different sections, to accommodate the restaurant’s three chefs, and takes a shape that suggests angular movement. This is further accentuated by a light suspended on slender wooden beams and another integrated into the podium. Finally, the chairs unique to this universe are fixed in a very subtle way to the ground, by means of a single structural steel object, to translate an effect of suspension and dramatic floating throughout.

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