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The Dreamy Spa in Sarajevo

The Dreamy Spa in Sarajevo


By virtue of its futuristic atmosphere, straight from the imagination of Simone Micheli, the Dreamy Spa in Sarajevo is a dream come true. With water as the main source of inspiration, it is an extraordinary concept where time and space are abolished in favor of relaxation.

Well known for her creations relating to the world of hydrotherapy, the architect Simone Micheli once again adheres to the know-how of Aqua special wellness industry. The result? The surreal world of Dreamy Spa in Sarajevo. If the purpose of a visit to the spa is to forget the worries of the world, a trip to this new project ensures this change of scenery in favor of a parallel universe, where the mind loses the thread of time and space, until complete relaxation is achieved. Certainly, the familiar world is present there with its key elements – nature and water – which are the main inspiration for creating this new living environment. As in the heart of nature, the dimensions and shapes, from the reception area to the bathrooms, private rooms and lounge chairs, are fluid and harmonious. The eye thus moves from one point to another and from one function to another without visual interruption. This sense of harmony is enhanced by the omnipresence of water, which flows in sensual curves and reflective surfaces. Body and mind float in invisible waves, ingenuously generated by the subtle range of colors of the lighting. Here and there, ultramodern screens reinforce the common thread of the aquatic journey, without interrupting the serenity of the atmosphere.


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