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Guigu Spa Pavilion, when Zen is modernized

Guigu Spa Pavilion, when Zen is modernized


The bet succeeded for the architectural firm Lin Kaixin, whose latest achievement, the Guigu Spa Pavilion, located in Fuzhou, China, is a masterpiece of contrasts that it elegantly reconciles. A Zen and modern space, which exudes a remarkable sophistication.

The Guigu Spa Pavilion was built in Fuzhou, in the Chinese province of Fujian. Designed by architect Lin Kaixin and his assistant Chen Qiang, the space is dedicated to creating a contemporary meditative experience. The idea is to merge the playful world with the more traditional elements of Zen culture. To this end, Kaixin handles materials brilliantly: on the ground, a gray wood, completely smooth; on the walls, another rough, perforated, as well as a grid of thin palms reducing the light from the large windows; finally, on the ceiling, a labyrinth of planks supporting four elegant pendant lamps. To this is superimposed a subtle play of unexpected contrasts. For example, the gray wood of the floor, which is taken for stone, contrasts with a reception desk reminiscent of primitive altars, while exuding elegance. In addition, an attractive play of light comes from the natural lighting in the reception area to the phantom elements of the floating shelves in the living room. To this are added the learned patterns created by hidden lamps, as well as by the brilliant arrangement of mirrors reflecting the wood mounted within the stone walls. Everything exudes an architectural well-being which draws its strength from the creativity emanating from the juxtaposition of natural materials. Contagious well being, the source of a true meditative experience.

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