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Distinctively yours: AXOR’s innovative collections offer the ultimate individualization

Distinctively yours: AXOR’s innovative collections offer the ultimate individualization

Individualization has emerged as one of the megatrends of our time, with people everywhere seeking more personal expressions of luxury, style and well-being. For more than 25 years, AXOR has partnered with world-renowned designers, working together to shape water-related spaces that express the unique personality of the user.
But, how can architects and interior designers better understand their clients’ personal evolving desires, developing distinctive and sustainable long-term solutions that give meaning and satisfaction for years to come? And how can their clients get to spaces designed for their very individual needs?
The concept is explored in the German manufacturer’s latest initiative, project DISTINCTIVE, which presents interpretations of the individualization concept from revered architects. AXOR explores the individualization megatrend, inspiring and enabling architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public to realize their unique visions for personal luxury and expression in the bathroom and kitchen.

What Does Luxury Mean Today? AXOR Facilitates the Conversation
Pivotal to the project is the AXOR Whitepaper,”Expressing your personality. Individualization as the ultimate luxury” providing food for thought and exploring, among other things, the question, Why does industrialization lead to individualization – and what does luxury mean today? True luxury? It shows individualization as a megatrend of a constantly differentiating society, where strong brands stand for values and qualities.
Founded in 1993 with the mission of bringing personality into the bathroom, AXOR is uniquely positioned to facilitate the conversation, which is deeply rooted in the brand’s own distinctive approach to design, collaboration, and innovation.

Designed by Personalities for Personalities
“Our products are designed by personalities and for personalities”, Anke Sohn summarizes the design brand’s approach. “This is reflected in the AXOR product portfolio, which stands apart with its vast variety of styles. AXOR amplifies the possibilities for personal expression with AXOR FinishPlus, an array of exclusive colors, and takes individualization to the extreme with AXOR Signature, the ultimate in bespoke services”.
AXOR Signature extends infinite options and combinations including length adaptation, engravings and labelling, brushed or polished finishes, color diversity, and handle modification.
Through DISTINCTIVE, and the individual interpretations of celebrated architects, AXOR showcases the gamut of showers, faucets and accessories available in a range of finishes and materials, all enabling the ultimate customization and personalization of the bathroom, making this intimate space uniquely that of its owner.

From Tristan Auer: The Bladerunner Bathroom
Parisian architect, Trisan Auer channels the 80’s film classic Bladerunner in his striking interpretation of the brief to create a bathroom for a high rise apartment in Hong Kong. He combines classic pieces with modern textures, for a wonderfully original private space.
Among the textures Auer utilizes is the diamond-cut pyramidal pattern of the AXOR Edge faucet by Jean-Marie Massaud. Both the AXOR Edge washbasin faucet and free-standing bath faucet set striking contrasts to the surrounding materials, while the AXOR ShowerHeaven and the AXOR Edge thermostat provide cutting-edge functionality within the shower area. The use of the new AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories designed by Philippe Starck adds a timelessly modern touch to the bathroom. AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories’ design language is defined by precise shapes and flat surfaces, which perfectly complement a range of AXOR collections, providing intelligent and aesthetic solutions. The ultimate in flexibility, offering a wide range of combinations, the collection adds a highly unique and personalized finishing touch to the bathing and showering experience.

The shower is from AXOR conscious showers by PHOENIX: The reduced and generic design language of AXOR conscious showers suits a wide range of different styles, its minimalist design affording a range of combination options with other AXOR product collections for the individual bathroom. AXOR Conscious Showers offer a unique combination of a generous shower head with a powerful water spray that envelops the body, while maintaining a low flow rate starting at six liters per minute. Their timeless aesthetics and the wide range of high-quality surface finishes make AXOR Conscious Showers a personal and individual expression of a conscious and mindful approach to water.

From Hadi Teherani: The Bathroom as a Source of New Energy
Hadi Teherani’s concept offers the ultimate retreat, featuring the elegant form of a cupola placed in the center of a house of a hotel suite. Openly laid out, the circular room is accessible from several sides; the four window openings and round arches facing each other are organized symmetrically. In the center, the architect places an organically formed bathtub that takes up the layout and around which a spacious shower area and a generous, oval double washbasin are arranged. This concept is inspired by the public baths in the Middle East.
Light marble surfaces in the shower area and a dazzling, silver glass mirror mosaic that extends from the floor to the cupola provide the room visual and haptic consistency without sacrificing sensuality and warmth.

AXOR Citterio E faucets, AXOR overhead and hand-held showers, as well as AXOR Universal Softsquare Accessories in Matt Black form a striking contrast. AXOR has significantly expanded its assortment of products available in Matt Black. Contemporary and sleek, this colour finish provides a striking stand-out against ceramics and is a key element of a highly personalised bathroom or shower space, while being wonderfully integrateable into almost any design style. AXOR also offers a selection of AXOR Universal Softsquare Accessories, as well as defined, complementary shower and electronic faucets in lacquered Matt Black. Complementing AXOR One, AXOR Citterio E, and the matching showers and accessories, are the new, resource-saving AXOR Conscious Showers and the new AXOR Starck Nature Showers in Matt Black.

From Sarah Poniatowski: The Perfect Balance of inside and Outside
Sarah Poniatowski’s bathroom concept dissolves the boundary between the indoors and the elements, emphasizing the surroundings, with an indoor-outdoor bathroom and creating a relaxing space with a summer holiday feeling. Natural materials such as raw pine and travertine fill the interior, striped in sunlight that passes through folding windows with wooden louvres.
Finished here in the AXOR FinishPlus surface Brushed Bronze, the AXOR Starck collection adds a refined, minimalist edge to Poniatowski’s concept. Two AXOR Starck faucets set accents against the travertine washbasin, an effect repeated at the bathtub with a floor-standing AXOR Starck faucet. Featured both indoors and out, the slender AXOR Starck Shower Column follows the linearity of the long, exposed pine beams and contrasts with the idiosyncratic Zellige tiles.

The AXOR Starck Nature Shower affords the ultimate in design flexibility. The basis of the collection is the perfection of the square; all elements of the collection emanating from a simple 12 x 12 cm square. The consistency of size and superior quality of materials create a timeless simple elegance; Innovative solutions behind the wall allowing for perfect designs in front of the wall, which enables simple installation whilst giving the designer or owner absolute creative freedom to achieve a unique and individual look. The iconic shower column can be mounted on individually selected materials for the back wall, from glass to stone and metal to wood.

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