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Bathroom environment? A fantastic world for Instabilelab

Bathroom environment? A fantastic world for Instabilelab


Instabilelab dedicates a whole section to the bathroom environment. Every kind of graphics, from the most simple to the most unusual and irreverent ones, designed to amaze, engage and to make you dream in a sort of parallel dimension.

Unique graphics and surprising effects obtained thanks to the study of textures and new methods of use and application. In fact, the company has, one more time, exceeded the limits of the use of the wallpaper, by designing it with a graphic continuum achievable through a series of products and applications dedicated to those who want to create something truly original. Instabilelab offers wallpapers with different fabrics, which can be used for: humid areas (such as the shower area) called Fibratex, for floors (Texfloor) and even lamps (Beautiful Light) and rugs as well (Carpetia). All of these items can be used in bathroom environments individually or all together (creating the project Custom-me) with a single graphic subject for an even more spectacular result. Instabilelab projects arise from the wish to always create the most original, different and exclusive environments, with a great visual impact. Instabilelab never stops. It loves challenging and revolutionizing the common standard of wall coverings, pushing itself always beyond the limits with thrilling, irreverent and unexpected projects aiming at surprising and captivating the audience.

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