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AXOR x Antonio Citterio: Pushing the Boundaries of Individualization

AXOR x Antonio Citterio: Pushing the Boundaries of Individualization


Slender, elegant and exceptionally refined, AXOR Citterio C reinterprets the washbasin faucet for a new era, one that demands ever more comfort and individuality from ever smaller bathroom spaces. Minimalist in spirit, with soft contours and a sensuous form, the faucet invites the touch while intriguing the eye from every angle. Its signature detail, a fine chamfer encircling the outlet and lever handle, extends to all pieces in the collection. Distinctive yet understated, AXOR Citterio C is at home in any bathroom ambience. For those who wish to make a more personal statement, handles are available in the unique cubic cut pattern as standard and other predefined textured patterns via AXOR Signature, as well as in the full range of AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

“The bathroom has become a kind of living room, a place where we can relax and tend to our well-being. At the same time, especially in the city, even luxurious bathrooms are becoming smaller. And so I perceived the need for a new design language at the washbasin. The collection had to be slender and compact, with a softness that spoke to our desire for a comfort and a reduced materiality that reflected the contemporary imperative to create more out of less. It had to adapt to every lifestyle, particularly with regards to surface colors. Above all, the design of each piece had to last, engaging and attracting the user not just at first glance but for the entire life of the product,” said Antonio Citterio.

AXOR Citterio C is distinguished by its slender verticality, its soft and sensuous form, its flat surfaces and its signature detail, a subtle chamfer that encircles every piece in the collection. The conical body, which flairs gently outward from the base, inverts the typical faucet shape while an ergonomic lever handle offers exceptional ease of use. The optional cubic cut pattern for the handle provides depth to the surface and a decorative touch while communicating the direction of its operation, with a partially-textured surface for *one-handle* arrangements and a fully-textured surface for *two-handle* arrangements. The sleek form of the minimalistic design is complemented by the faucet’s resource-conserving CoolStart function and a flow rate of just 5 L/min. At the bathtub as at the washbasin, faucets come in a variety of silhouettes and sizes. The collection also includes fixtures for the shower, ensuring a coherent design language across the bathroom. Adaptable to any ambience, the collection is available in a plain version, the cubic cut pattern, and other pre-defined textural patterns via AXOR Signature and the exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

The Collection
A wide range of products brings the subtle yet distinctive design language of AXOR Citterio C to every area of the bathroom. At the washbasin, faucets come in three different heights – 90mm, 125mm, and 250mm – and multiple types, including wall-mounted 2-hole and 3-hole versions. At the bathtub, options include a floor – standing bath mixer, a 3-hole rim mounted bath mixer including the sBox and a 3-hole wall-mounted bath mixer with shower holder. In the shower, an overhead 270 1-jet is available in three installation types: ceiling-integrated, with a ceiling connector or with a shower arm – the former with Rain technology and the latter two types both featuring PowderRain technology. Further products and accessories complete the shower area. Customers can choose between a standard flow-rate of 12 l/min or the water-saving EcoSmart option with just 8 l/min for all overhead showers.

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