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AXOR encouraging personalization in the bathroom

AXOR encouraging personalization in the bathroom


AXOR is a brand that is fast becoming synonymous with the mega trend of personalization. The concept of a bathing ritual that uses faucets, showers, shower systems and accessories that indulge the user’s unique tastes, passions and lifestyle continues to be a key focus for the German luxury brand.
AXOR’s collaborations with some of the world’s most celebrated and revered architects and interior designers, including Antonio Citterio and Barber Osgerby continues to inspire highly original and innovative collections where the opportunities to individualize are boundless, with quality craftsmanship and precision detail always an indelible and consistent hallmark.

Barber Osgerby – AXOR One, presents Array of FinishPlus Surfaces
Barber Osgerby’s latest contribution to the AXOR One Collection for the washbasin, bathtub and shower, beautifully exemplifies AXOR’s personalization concept. It presents a familiar archetype that has been reinterpreted for greater clarity, enhanced function and superior control, and is available in chrome, matt black, and an array of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.
Color Extends Limitless Scope for Self Expression
The introduction of distinctive color is the ideal way to personalize the bathroom, and AXOR One Colors curated by Barber Osgerby introduces a selected palette of colored faucets and fixtures inspired by a specific set of naturally occurring interactions between light, color, and water, lending verve and originality. Aquamarine’s blue-green captures the chromatic character of a calm sea. Coral is a warm, red-orange tone. Ice is a light, muted blue, seen in the layered blues of glaciers and sea ice. Stone is a strong grey, referenced from the intersection of land and sea. Shell is a cool greyish pink. Sand is the color of the shore, wet from the ebbing tide.
“Each color balances the ability to become part of a calm visual field with limitless scope for self-expression and individuality, reflecting the way in which bathrooms and small cloakrooms are increasingly becoming places that are less about neutral utility and more about original and impactful design”, explain Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

Barber Osgerby’s Skyline concept
The new matt white addition is showcased in the design duo’s latest bathroom concept for AXOR, “Skyline”, which explores compact luxury and highlights how AXOR One is ideal due to its combination of design simplicity and functionality.

AXOR Citterio – Mixing Options and Styles
The beauty of mixing and matching finishes and features is made possible with the AXOR Citterio collection which celebrates the preciousness of water itself. With its balanced proportions and elegant geometries, the collection is perfectly suited to any bathroom ambience. The collection comprises an exceptionally wide range of products and options, including faucets in different handle styles – pin, cross handle, original lever handle and a new lever handle that is even more precise, intuitive and easy to use. AXOR Citterio comes in classic chrome and an array of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus PVD surfaces, including Polished Black Chrome and Brushed Gold Optic. As an inviting option, the new lever handle is available in the luxurious 3D surface pattern “rhombic cut”, a beautiful and original showpiece.

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