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Alape of Dornbracht

Alape of Dornbracht


Alape is a heritage manufacturer of aesthetic washspace solutions, founded in 1896 by Adolf Lamprecht in Sachsen province of Germany. The company now has its production facilities in Goslar in central Germany. With a specialist manufacturing process, combining skillful artisanal workmanship and advanced technology processes, the company creates products out of enamelled steel with the highest standards in terms of material, design and functionality. For more than 125 years, Alape has viewed glazed steel not only as a material, but also as its strongest source of inspiration.
Today it also offers bathroom furniture and accessories, providing complete washspace solutions. Since 2001, Alape has been a subsidiary of Dornbracht AG and together they deliver unmatched and leading designs for architecture. Starting with the glazed steel basin or washstand, Alape’s stylish furniture solutions complement each other in combination with matching accessory products to create the right personal experience.

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