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A comfortable Duravit shower for every bathroom

A comfortable Duravit shower for every bathroom

Bathrooms that feature both a range of practical touches and are visually appealing provide the highest levels of comfort. Tailored to individual needs and requirements, Duravit’s range of shower trays offers optimum showering comfort, complemented perfectly by matching, functional faucets with the familiar soft, round forms (B.1), geometric and straight-lined (B.2), or ergonomic with a striking recess in the handle (B.3.).

The Tempano shower tray series comes in 27 possible sizes – rectangular or square – and blends beautifully into the ambience of any bathroom. The glossy white surface made from sanitary acrylic is as robust as it is pleasant to the touch. An optional anti-slip coating (class C) ensures additional stability. Available in flush-fitting, semi-recessed, or floor-mounted variants, Tempano combines showering comfort with great aesthetics, and the flush-fitting installation in particular creates a generous sense of space.

The stone-like Stonetto shower tray turns showering into an encounter with nature. The unique look of the shower tray is due to its matt surface – natural, original, and authentic. Made from the high-quality DuraSolid material, the shower tray is scratch-resistant, robust, and anti-slip (class B). The surface of the tray and the removable outlet form a visual unit, a gentle recess into which the water vanishes. Four colors and 14 possible sizes as well as a choice of flush-fitting, semi-recessed, or floor-mounted installation variants open up a host of options for customized bathroom design.

Pre-installed shower systems with a showerhead and hand shower, and a thermostatic or single lever shower mixer are practical all-round solutions that do not require complex concealed installation. As a result, these shower systems are also perfect for retrofitting.

Similarly, the slimline, consummate shape of the design series C.1 by Kurt Merki Jr. combines well with all bathroom ranges. Available in a round and rectangular design, each in different sizes for ceiling or wall mounting, they promise an enjoyable showering experience every time. Matching hand showers are the perfect addition and are available in a range of different variants. Similarly, single lever shower mixers and thermostatic mixers also come in a round or rectangular design.

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