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Roads For Life launches its “Life Box”

Roads For Life launches its “Life Box”

“Life Box” is an initiative by Roads for Life, The Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident Care, a nonprofit organization established in 2011 in memory of Talal Kassem, a young 17-year-old boy killed by a raging driver while crossing the road on his way to school.

The “Life Box” project invites artists and designers to create their own interpretation of a modern home First Aid and Response Kit. They were provided with the contents on what constitutes necessary items to render medical assistance in the first few moments of an incident. They are free to use any materials and any design for the kit, provided that the items be accessible when needed. There are no boundaries, guidelines or limitations to what they can submit as long as the contents of the kit fit.
More than 30 unique first aid kit designs were displayed and auctioned online on the Artscoops platform in collaboration with Roads for Life. Proceeds from the sale are aimed at assisting the most critically underserved portions of our emergency response system, the Lebanese Civil Defense and the Fire Brigade teams, providing them with equipment and training with the collaboration of Lebanese Armed Forces trainers.
First aid kits are a must-have for every home. They can help in reducing the severity of a variety of injuries from cuts and scrapes to life threatening bleeding. When responding in an emergency situation, time is precious and should not be wasted searching for a first aid kit hidden deep in a drawer.

The artists’ works:

Alia Mouzannar, In Case.

Bokja, The Road less taken.

Charles Khalil, It’s a Brittle Refuge… You never know.

Claude Missir, If Only.

Diana Ibrahim and Marc Haddad, RX-140.

Nina Salem Shabb, Closing Circle.

Dori Hitti, Totem SOS.

Elie Gharzouzi, Clin.

Eva Szumilas, The Magic Pill.

George Mohasseb, Linea Box.

George Mohasseb, Poshettes Box.

Gregory Gatserelia, Mesh Wa’ata to die.

Hagop Sulahian, The Red Box.

Hania Farell, Inside the Box.

Hania Rayess, Ceci n’est pas un extincteur.

Henry Dakkak Jr, Ascelpius.

Jean-Louis Mainguy, Precious is Life.

Karina Sukar, My Box.

Katya Traboulsi and Minnie Tabet, The Box of Life.

Lama Nasrallah, Furoshili – Golden Furoshili –
Azur Furoshili.

Marc Dibeh, Aluminum Untitled.

Lena Kelekian, Eternal spring.

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Samer Al Ameen, Safety Match Box.

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Spockdesign by Karim Chaya, Dr Watson.

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Zaha Hadid Design, Discord.

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