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The wallpaper becomes bookcase: 3D accessories are mixed up with the concept on the wall

The wallpaper becomes bookcase: 3D accessories are mixed up with the concept on the wall

Revolutionary and unexpected, Book Access is not just a wallpaper but a real furnishings project which gives volume and depth to the wall.

Book Access is a decorative wallpaper which provides wall units, hanged following the drawing on the wallpaper: the filling effect of the wall is show stopping and the optical illusion of the 3D bookcase-unit is unexpected at all.
Functionality, genius and amazement: in addition to creating a three-dimensional effect, the modules perform the containment of any type of object and leave ample room for customization of the wall, creating a space that was not there.

The accessories can be easily applied to the wall in any position and number, fully reflecting the shape and modularity of the chosen wallpaper design. They are offered in two different types:
Book Access Cube Print: container with push-pull door door available in 10 different prints which can be replicated to your liking. Everything we are used to seeing in a classic bookcase, simply on paper and some furnishing elements.
Book Access Cube: open unit serving as an exhibiting element: your books and objects are contained and blend into the wallpaper.
Book Access is a vinyl wallpaper made up of a non-woven fabric layer covered with a PVC (vinyl) layer to make it waterproof. Washable, fireproof, resistant and long-lasting, easy-to-apply with a specific fungicide adhesive so as to avoid the creation of any molds.

Instabilelab projects arise from the wish to create the most original environments, different and exclusive and with a great visual impact. Instabilelab loves challenge and never stops to revolutionize the common standard of the wall coverings, pushing itself beyond the limits with thrilling, irreverent and unexpected projects which aim to amaze and captivate the audience.

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