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The new Roll and Alix bookcases by Bonaldo: true elements of domestic architecture

The new Roll and Alix bookcases by Bonaldo: true elements of domestic architecture


The bookcase is a must have item in every home or office. We store books there but also objects, photos or small paintings and it thus becomes the source of new inspirations and a place that preserves our memories. From the hallway to the living room, from the bedroom to the kitchen, the library knows how to fit into every room, with a storage function but also furnishing, until it becomes a real architectural element used to separate spaces like Roll and Alix, two new models offered by Bonaldo.

Design Dondoli & Pocci, Roll is a modular bookcase designed to furnish spaces with an architectural presence of reminiscent of the industrial style. The ability to fix it to the ceiling, as well as to the wall, makes it a furnishing element that can also be installed in the centre of a room to divide it into two spaces. Mounting it to the wall takes place by means of supports composed of metal tubes with lead finish; both the shelves and the details that come out of the metal tubes are available in the same finish as the supports or in different finishes, for a game of contrasts of utmost elegance. The modularity of the Roll bookcase makes it suitable for any size of the wall, both in the home or office. Roll is available also with a TV-stand module (wall-mounted version).

The wall becomes a 3D item with Alix, the bookcase designed by Maurizio and Silvia Varsi for Bonaldo. An essential project for a result of great impact: the structure is made up of two metal tubes fixed to the wall supporting a wooden frame, which protrudes from the wall giving a three-dimensional effect. Thanks to its wooden frame, Alix breaks up the monotony of the wall by creating a clear contrast in materials, between the warmth of wood and the coldness of the aluminium structure and shelving. Its modules are available in two different sizes.

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