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Salon Nanà Collection designed by Annabel Karim Kassar for Moroso

Salon Nanà Collection designed by Annabel Karim Kassar for Moroso


The Salon Nanà collection for Moroso is the result of a collaboration between French-Lebanese architect Annabel Karim Kassar and Italian company Moroso, renowned for its exploration of different styles and love of bringing different worlds together.

“Many of the pieces from the collection are made in memory of the places where I have lived or travelled – France, Morocco, Lebanon, UAE and England –,” explains Kassar, “and the artisans’ works that I encountered there which had a deep impact on me.”

“I was immediately drawn to Moroso’s novel approach to design,” continues the designer, “and the way in which the company unites the ideals of bespoke furniture with the requirements of industrialisation. Patrizia is a creative force who truly nurtures the designers she partners with, possessing a rare ability to spot the designer’s speciality and bring it to the fore.”

The name of the Salon Nanà collection is designed to evoke images of convivial atmospheres like the ones you might expect to find in the literary circles of the late-19th century (the book “Nana” by Emile Zola was published in 1880). The collection features a flexible modular seating system that can adapt to various situations, two different collections of side tables, all of which are inspired by Moroccan tradition. “I lived in Morocco for three years and I was always fascinated by the black and white striped djellabas worn by men in the Medina,” explains Kassar.  “With Salon Nanà, I wanted to create an atmosphere: a mood that is ever-changing as opposed to static”.

“When I met Annabel I felt a strong connection. With her I know that we could explore different styles and bring together distant worlds,” comments Patrizia Moroso. “We usually work with designers and I found it very stimulating that Annabel is an architect and interior designer – it is something new for us. Salon Nanà is a way of fuelling our desire for experimentation and our impulse to blend styles and atmospheres.”
The Salon Nanà collection features the following pieces: Nanà sofas and tables.

Nanà sofas combine a generous silhouette that offers the unique comfort of oversized down cushions with a range of welcoming fabrics from Moroccan-inspired stripes to stunning primary colour options in linen, cotton or velvet, as well as different prints.

The Nana sofas are paired with “Mezze”, a low traditional mattress used in Oriental houses, in living rooms and majlis types of seating.
“Laying on my “Mezze” with a cup of coffee during a Zoom meeting, a herbal tea in the afternoon or a glass of wine after work, I feel a soothing sensation of relaxed escape and I fill my free time with joyful experiences without conforming to any labels,” comments Annabel Karim Kassar.

The collection is completed by the Nanà square coffee tables with black metallic base and top available in glass in three different finishes or in black marquina, carrara or calacatta marble.

Not a Harem little side tables feature a black metallic base covered by a top with an Oriental motif influenced by Moorish and crusade patterned tiles imprinted on canvas. The side tables are decorated with burnished studs.

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