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New Bonaldo mirrors 2020

New Bonaldo mirrors 2020

The mirror, born as a functional element, today has a double soul: it is an object capable of decorating space and, in addition, it allows to change its perception by visually enlarging it, becoming an essential stylistic detail in every house. Bonaldo’s large 2020 collection includes three new mirrors, each with a different style: Edgeless, Cactus and Lake.

Large dimensions and no edges give Edgeless mirror a soft shape, suitable for large spaces or to visually expand small rooms. The characteristic of this mirror is the ceramic frame, available in different finishes, on which the mirror is laid, thus being slightly in relief. Available in two different sizes, perfect for hanging on the wall or simply resting on the floor.The inspiration of the designer Ryosuke Fukusada comes from traditional Japanese fans, flat and without edges.

An object that does not need any explanation to understand the origin of its name: with its original design, the Cactus mirror, design Giuseppe Viganò, brings a touch of irony to the environments in which it is placed. Cactus is composed of two overlapping elements: a larger silhouette that characterises the mirror itself and a smaller insert in ceramic or composed of lichen, for an even stronger reference to the true essence of the green cactus.

The concept behind the Lake family of mirrors, design Gino Carollo, is the overlapping of different layers that visually create an object with a strong decorative component. The first band, the one that takes up the most space, is composed of the mirror; laid over it is a central band of metal (painted bronze or painted lead), while the lower band is made of glass, in the same finish as the metal. The Lake collection consists of four mirrors, each characterised by a different shape.

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