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Give your home a makeover

Give your home a makeover


Designer chairs, chic living room armchairs, elegant interior sofas, convivial central or dining tables, practical accessories and storage. A selection of trendy, modern, retro or even futuristic furniture, signed by renowned designers, to equip your living room, dining room or any other room in your home, with refinement.

Created by Studio 757, founded by Vaughn Shim and John Han, the Arch collection consists of chair and dining table. Three arches form the structure of the chair’s base and backrest, with a final arch acting as an encompassing armrest(s). In its center, a simple cushion, just to extend its use comfortably. The table is declined on the same principle, each foot in arc draws a rounding in bluish metal, allowing to welcome a wooden tray.

The limited edition Aérostat table lamp, designed by Guillaume Delvigne for Fabbian, is inspired by the shape of an aerostat or a hot air balloon, held to the ground by a cage that supports it. It is composed of two main elements: a diffuser in polished blown white glass and a nickel-plated metal support available in three finishes (black nickel, brass and bright copper). The precious material of this light and its classic look make it the ideal bedside lamp for the master bedroom or, in the larger version, as a living room lamp.

The Berlin design studio Rlon created Become, a classic desk lamp with a minimalist and geometric design, which works thanks to a magnetic sphere that interacts with the brightness depending on its position on the base or its height. The lighting system here becomes very playful and the user can materialize the electromagnetic fields.

It is a design puzzle made of geometric shapes, each one associated with different finishes: here is Frido, an original coffee table project, born from the collaboration between Marco Zito and Bross. Starting from a few elements, the square and the circle, divided into triangles, rectangles and semicircles, and from a few materials, Canaletto oak and walnut, bronze-effect metal, white Carrara marble or black Marquinia marble, it acquires infinite configurations and as many personalities.

Created by Andrea Mancuso of Analogia Project for Fratelli Boffi, Oblù is a mysterious container, like a magic box, that hides its use. The elegant pearwood structure is surrounded by circular openings that reveal the underlying surface, a piece of furniture within a piece of furniture. The finish of the doors echoes the traditional technique of marbled paper which, dyed blue, recalls the color of the sea seen through a porthole.

The Papillon collection, imagined by British furniture designer Tom Faulkner, is composed of a dining table, side tables, a console, a drink cart, a screen and a stool. Each piece is made of steel or water-cut aluminum and has an ombré look, with colors that blend seamlessly together.

Burgundy ornamental stone, grey glass and powder-coated steel make up the console table in a limited and numbered series from the Stoïque collection designed by Frédéric Saulou Design Studio.

The Sail mini-pouf, designed by Héctor Serrano for the brand Diabla de Gandiablasco, is made of outdoor fabric and stuffed with polystyrene beads covered with water repellent fabric. Upholstery removable.

The Moai Big dining table by Bessa Design is a stunning work of art, supported by four beautiful polished brass heads inspired by the Naoki or Big Heads, colossal stone statues located on Easter Island. The glass top makes this creation elegant and fit to be the queen of any dining room. Available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Fusion, by Gold Castle, is a center table inspired by the process of heat modification of metal, hence its irregular shape. This design piece for The Private Label is made of black Sahara marble and aged brass with a translucent patina.

Conceived by Montreal studio Lambert & Fils, in collaboration with Swiss designer Adrien Rovero, Parc is a collection of lighting fixtures where the inventiveness of childhood meets the richness of hand-crafted forms. Using the archetypal flashlight as a model, each light evokes the time spent in nature, where a simple string and a block of wood and a block of wood are transformed to shape the most diverse creations. These makeshift crafts, both naïve and functional, possess the humility and unique beauty of the object returned to its essence.

Palatino upholstered sofa, in leather or fabric, with a royal character updating the shapes of the classic Chesterfield, with square and defined lines. The upholstered finish reigns supreme, characterizing this timeless object with spacious dimensions designed by Fratelli Boffi Studio.

Corner garden armchair from the Ploid collection, designed by Romero & Vallejo Studio for Diabla and made of polyurethane rubber foam, with viscoelastic padding covered with waterproof fabric. Removable fabric cover. Textured powder-coated aluminum frame.

Remind Pixel, designed by Eugeni Quitllet for Pedrali, offers everyone the possibility to become an artist by creating infinite patterns: a number, a letter of the alphabet, an object or the ultimate symbol of love, the heart. It is a special version of Remind, an innovative polypropylene chair in which every element is designed to ensure absolute comfort. It is characterized by a universal shape able to adapt to any space or style of decoration, perfect for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Plateau is the ultimate expression of contemporary architecture. The contrast gained through the use of Venner walnut and aged brass gives this center table, designed by Outline for The Private Label, understated yet elegant details. Inspired by the well-known work of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, it is the perfect choice for a modern living room.

Designed by Archer Humphryes Architects for Fratelli Boffi, the Ovis large ottoman-small table is upholstered in leather with a wood base and finished in white oak or brass base.

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Console03 consists of a solid top and body in Burgundy stone, joined by brushed brass elements that crisscross the stone. This piece of furniture combines flat and rounded surfaces, the fineness of brass and the weight of stone. Designed by Frédéric Saulou Design Studio, it is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces from Archimobilier.

Armchair from the Mareta collection, by Héctor Serrano for Diabla, made of outdoor fabric and upholstered with polystyrene beads covered with waterproof fabric. Upholstery with removable covers.

Leonardo Dainelli of Dainellistudio designed Kingman for Fratelli Boffi, a sofa with high back and hammered arms, combining traditional upholstered craftsmanship with clean, timeless forms. The base and the thin wooden legs support the shape, in conjunction with the two seat cushions.

Heel, by Fratelli Boffi, is a family of coffee tables with an ironic ironic character, an object that denatures the classic model with with unexpected and irreverent details. Looking at the the marble top and the structure in polished mahogany, this piece of furniture looks like the classic bourgeois coffee table of yesteryear. By looking down, we are surprised to see that the legs of the table have table legs have shoes, boots and camper boots camper boots and high heels according to the two versions available.

Inspired by the exquisite beauty of the lotus flower, this centerpiece table is characterized by its clean straight lines. Lotus, by Gold Castle for The Private label, is an intriguingly promising piece in patina-aged glass and brass.

The Origo collection, from the Mexican studio of David Pompa, consists of a series of minimalist lighting pieces, including a suspension, ceiling, table and floor lamps. The range’s simple geometric shapes are composed of spheres carved from volcanic rock, which contrast with opal glass globes.

Parisian architect and designer Martin Massé has designed a limited edition Gallipoli sofa for the Studio Twentyseven gallery. The sofa is part of the Eclectique collection, which includes a coffee table, a bench, a mirror… The base of the sofa is made of Roman travertine and the seat is made of high-end fabric from the famous Italian manufacturer Dedar.

As its name suggests, Pull Table, Mario Tsai Studio’s latest creation, plays with the idea of pulling, encouraging users to discover the materials and forces that are part of its production process. The lightness of the 5mm plywood and the hardness of the steel rod and flexibility of the leather belt form the table and make it a stable structure, in which each material subtly pulls on the others, exerting an almost imperceptible control and an almost perfect balance.

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