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Dior celebrates May 1st with Cordelia de Castellane

Dior celebrates May 1st with Cordelia de Castellane

One of the House’s favorite traditions, May 1st honors the lily of the valley, Christian Dior’s lucky charm and the emblem of fine weather. For the occasion, Cordelia de Castellane, the creative director of Dior Maison, unveils her springtime décor ideas and inspirations in the heart of her own garden, an invitation to moments of sharing.

In tribute to Monsieur Dior’s fascination with nature and botany, flowers illuminate the plates in the Granville collection with shades of amethyst, emerald or blue gray. The New Lily of the Valley line makes tableware delightful with four-leaf clovers and precious bouquets of lily of the valley. Their delicate bell-shaped flowers also punctuate pieces in porcelain, glasses, and tea and coffee sets. In these images, discover creations symbolizing luck, a floral celebration of life’s joys.

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