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ALPI wood for the Meisen collection designed by Bethan Laura Wood for Nilufar Gallery

ALPI wood for the Meisen collection designed by Bethan Laura Wood for Nilufar Gallery


ALPI, leader in the production of decorative surfaces, takes part in a brand new project which has opened on the occasion of Milan Design Week: “Ornate” is Bethan Laura Wood’s solo show for Nilufar Gallery designed to celebrate ten years of collaboration between the English designer and gallery owner Nina Yashar.

The Nilufar Gallery in via della Spiga has always aimed at exhibiting works by masters of the modern and contemporary design world, becoming a reference point for design lovers. In this space Bethan Laura Wood proposes, until November 27, 2021, pieces for the boudoir and objects that may be found inside, associating them with historical works selected by Nina Yashar: an invitation to a virtual journey through the cultures and currents that have influenced and shaped the designer’s style over the years, characterised by colours, geometries and visual metaphors.

The Meisen cabinets and desk, designed by Bethan Laura Wood, have been enriched with a bespoke ALPI wood, characterized by and undulating and colourful texture. The natural grain of the wood, which emphasises the edges of the waves of colour, recalls the vibrant patterns of the Ikat weave used to produce the Meisen fabric, used to create Japanese kimonos in the early 1900s. The peculiar design of the two pieces of furniture evokes the shapes of the legs and the antennae of crickets and the elytra of beetles, combined with the traditional shapes of East Asian furniture, in a dynamic interplay of colours and shapes.

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