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A pleasant and relaxing interior

A pleasant and relaxing interior

Who hasn’t dreamed of having exceptional furniture in their home to brighten up their daily life and make their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices… unique places? Thanks to this wide range of trendy furniture with multiple atmospheres, furnishing and decorating your home will become a real pleasure.

The Building coffee table, by Alessandro La Spada for Visionnaire, reveals a play of perspective between full and empty portions. Five tops at different heights appear to be a single linear piece from above, in which the natural image of Patagonian marble is continuous and legible.

Geometric matrix and trapezoidal shape for the Curry sofa with reduced depth, by Piero Lissoni for Porro, inspired by the Orient: black structure in solid ash forming the frame of the backrest in woven straw. Ideal in an entrance hall, a waiting room or to play with several models placed next to each other to create independent islands of relaxation.

Solid wood top supported by steel arches: these are the pure and essential elements of the Archie table, designed by Serena Confalonieri for Medulum. Its base is inspired by the trajectory of bouncing objects; a dance of sinuous movements that refer to the classic shapes of arches. Available with oval or round top, and in solid color or decorated with multicolored inlaid graphics.

Arthur stool in solid ash with silver inserts, or in solid natural oak with copper inserts,
by Bottega Ghianda, with three sword-shaped legs. Homage to the Austrian architect
Adolf Loos, hostile to all forms of ornamentation, but referring to earlier times.

The Meisen Collection cabinet and desk, designed by Bethan Laura Wood, is enhanced by custom Alpi wood with a colorful, wavy texture. The wood grain on the edges is reminiscent of the vibrant patterns of the Ikat weave, with which Meisen fabric was produced, used to create Japanese kimonos in the early 20th century.

The simplicity of the circle and square is complemented by Lema’s refined materials and workmanship. These characteristics define the Cruise coffee tables. Metal bases, glass plates and grinding of the edge of each top create a 1mm thick profile. Available with glossy and matte lacquered top and in different heights.

Lightness and style distinguish the Lise dining chair, designed by Domenico Mula
for DOM Edizioni. Structure in natural wood or in white or black lacquered
wood and seat cushion in raffia available in a wide range of fabrics.

Soffio, an original lamp designed by Emanuel Gargano, with a unique material made
of solidified fabric. It produces a soft light and looks like a hanging cloth to dry in the sun.

Taking its name from a Swedish approach to living well, Lagom is a series of three poufs designed by Tollgård & Castellani for Porada. Enhanced with a wooden handle, they integrate into the living space, creating moments of conviviality.

Oscar and Gabriele Buratti designed Frame-shift for Moroso, a simple bookcase composed of a few repeated elements, overlapping vertically to create compositions with horizontal shelves. As its sliding panels apply on both sides, it can be placed against a wall or in the center of a room.

The curved lines and soft texture of the seat of the Belmont sofa, by Domenico Mula for DOM Edizioni, combine with the large Tiffany oak base supported by small trunks cut into the shape of a cloverleaf. Base also available in Riviera wenge.

Designed by Molinari Design, the Bibendum modular sofa is based on the concept of stackability: seat and backrest created by stacking leather cushions. The supporting structure is made of a thin recyclable polyurethane shell, available in different finishes, such as lacquer or leather, whose curvature envelops the cushions. Each of the seats is an independent armchair, supported by a cylindrical and swivel base, which can be assembled by varying the configuration of the object according to the room, the tastes, the number of seats or armchairs needed.

Christophe Pillet has created, for Frigerio, Santa Monica, a family of small tables of different sizes and heights for flexible solutions to various furnishing needs. A sophisticated, simple and elegant product. Three external tubular legs in painted metal support a round top, on which rests a textured glass in two color variants, bronze and smoked.

With new proportions, Cloudscape is the result of the collaboration between Diesel Living and Moroso. The large linked cushions with distinctive flaps, signature of the collection, form the structure, without additional additions, reinforcing the idea of pure comfort. Also available in a single-seat version, an extra-large, intimate and comfortable armchair, similar to the sofa.

Arne’ modular sofa, by Gianfranco Frigerio, with base on the floor, upholstered structure, low back and armrest covered with leather or fabric with a fold at the bottom.

Part furniture, part sculpture, an intimate and chic observatory on the world,
the Lemni armchair, by Marco Lavit for Living Divani, reveals the desire to lighten up
from superfluous weights and to glide through the air, enchanting with its graphic vitality.

The Gaia table lamp with rechargeable battery, by Marc Sadler for Ethimo,
guarantees a direct and ambient light and charming corners
dedicated to relaxation or conviviality.

Campanula portable table lamp, design Romeo Sozzi for Promemoria,
with blown Murano glass shade with ballotton decoration, multicolored,
glittered; smooth bronze and LED lighting with Icosaedro technology.

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Designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini, Twiggy Wood, suspension with
a fine wood diffuser and a thin, curved carbon fiber stem.

Pierre, designed by Studio Contromano for Flou, is a small armchair with tubular metal back in the colors anodic bronze, matte burnished, oxide, black, greige, white, magma and ocean. Upholstered seat with removable fabric or leather cover. Available in two sizes.

Tetris, a floor lamp with a clean, linear design by Marc Sadler for Ethimo, furnishes outdoor environments and generates unexpected light effects. A practical side table or garden pouf, its various teak tetrominoes fit together like a Tetris and the connecting lines filter the light, produced by a rechargeable LED body hidden inside.

Sfera Portable, designed by Lucie Koldova for Brokis, is a transportable table lamp with a matte black metal or stainless steel structure and a polygonal concrete base in natural concrete or terracotta-colored concrete finishes. The diffuser is spherical in blown glass with a glossy or opaque acid-etched outer surface. Glass available in smoked gray, smoked brown, opal or opal triplex. The light source is a variable intensity LED, with a black USB charging cable.

Inspired by the design of the 60’s and 70’s, the Compagna armchair by Molinari Design features a seat made of large leather cushions with square lines, placed inside a shell with a glossy finish.

Bluemoon armchair, by Patrick Jouin for Coedition, comfortable and sophisticated. Bronze lacquered metal structure, seat and backrest in molded wood, upholstered in polyurethane foam. Interior upholstered in fabric or leather and exterior in crust leather. Metal armrests covered with natural braided leather thread.

Designed by Ilenia Viscard for Flou, the Quartetto coffee table is inspired by the shape of a four-leaf clover petal: it can live on its own or be combined with other identical elements to obtain a large round coffee table with 4 petals. Burnished metal structure, solid ash legs stained coffee or black and bronze, transparent or smoked glass top. The glass top rests on the structure which does not accept any visible screws or construction system.

Bottega Ghianda’s Lionardo table combines the light transparency of a glass top rounded on both sides with its sturdy wooden base, whose line layout recalls the machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

Marijana Radovic & Marco Bonelli have designed for Visionnaire the Wing dining table with geometric shapes and curved lines, with a gull-wing appearance: a large marble pot forms the central base, on which the circular top, a personalized wooden disk with different finishes, rests. A central opening above the base, ideal for plants and flowers.

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