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The new Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton at Milan Design Week

The new Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton at Milan Design Week


On the occasion of Milan Design Week and for the sixth year running, louis vuitton presented the latest creations from the Objets Nomades Collection, made up of inventive and functional furniture and design objects, in a specially designed space in the historic Palazzo Serbelloni.

Atelier Biagetti-Flower Tower
Atelier Biagetti’s Flower Tower lamp is a brilliantly inventive and shimmeringly transparent column of hand-blown Italian glass. The flower-shaped bubbles – inspired by Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram – appear to float magically on halos of light, thanks to opaline rings that catch and diffuse the glow of a top-mounted LED. Both delicately decorative and highly functional, the lamp offers a variety of lighting moods, with a separate, upward-facing LED spot and independent switches and dimmers. A contemporary glass totem, the Flower Tower stands like a luminous landmark, enlightening special emotions in the home.

Atelier Oï-Spiral Chandelier
Originally designed as a monumental five-metre-high lighting feature for “The Hall” – Louis Vuitton’s restaurant in its Chengdu store, China – Atelier’s Oï’s Spiral Chandelier is a stunning sculpture of leather and light. In this 1.2-metre home version, 36 elegantly twisted bicolour leather straps are given interlocking volume and form by a series of champagne-coloured metal circles. With natural leather on one side and shiny on the other, the straps – which use 145 metres of leather – reflect light from the lamp’s LEDs to create a continuously changing play of sparkling radiance. The Spiral Chandelier can be paired with Atelier Oï’s leather-strap Spiral Lamp, with both available in the same three colour combinations: cream/gold, red/gold, and blue/silver.

Atelier Oï-Quetzal
Atelier Oï’s stunning Quetzal is a large decorative mobile inspired by the eye-catching plumage of South American quetzals. Thirteen rigid, yet twisting “feathers” are covered with two pieces of Louis Vuitton leather – blue on one side and green on the other – and their edges dyed red. The final feather, longer to give the mobile balance, is covered in red leather, and recalls the birds’ vermilion breasts. Hanging with its feathers unfolded like brightly coloured wings, Quetzal is both an elegant mobile and a beautifully abstract vision of a quetzal in flight.

Studio Louis Vuitton-Twist Glass
The Twist Glass transforms Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram flower into a whirl of hand-blown glass. Handcrafted in Murano, the capital of Italian glassmaking, they are engraved with the Maison’s logo and available in five colours – Crystal Clear, Amber, Emerald, Venetian Ruby and Sapphire – in single-colour sets of two and multicoloured sets of four.

Raw Edges-Binda Armchair
The flowing, sharply honed lines of Raw Edges’ Binda Armchair are subtly accentuated by the streamlined leather-covered back and the soft velvet of the welcoming seat, and perfectly complemented by the contrasting piping. Available in five colour combinations – cream/coral, orange/milk, deep blue/violet, burgundy/white and green/white – Binda further explores the designers’ interest in transforming flat planes into three-dimensional objects, which began with their Cosmic Table Objet Nomade. Sculptural and gracefully imposing, Binda is a beautiful combination of the visually striking and the comfortably enveloping.

Campana Brothers-Mirror Bomboca
Named after confectionery served at weddings and children’s parties in Brazil, the Campana Brothers’ Mirror Bomboca was inspired by the shapes of clouds and colourful sea apples. The result is a two-seater sofa with removable cushions that are arranged like a puzzle to fit into a rigid, leather-covered shell. The Bomboca is also available in a four-seater version and different colourways.

Studio Louis Vuitton-Bookends
Created to mark the publication of Louis Vuitton Skin, a book exploring the facades of Louis Vuitton stores around the world, Studio Louis Vuitton’s Bookends are available in three different designs. The “Flower” and “Diamond” versions are made in solid marble and recall the Maison’s celebrated Monogram pattern whose different elements are widely used in stores. The “Ginza” is a brushed and polished aluminium miniature of the remarkable Jun Aoki-designed building that houses the Louis Vuitton store on Namiki-dori in Tokyo. Each sold separately, the three Objets Nomades Bookends can be used as matching pairs or mixed and matched.

Marcel Wanders-Capeline Lamp
Marcel Wanders’s elegantly designed Capeline Lamp features three delightfully undulating aureoles of frosted glass inspired by – and named after – a type of wide-brimmed women’s hat. Available as a wall lamp and two sizes of ceiling light, the Capeline allows the glow from its dimmable LED to diffuse beautifully across the graceful circles of carefully crafted Czech glass.

Atelier Oï-Origami Bowl
Both practical object holders and objets d’art, Atelier Oï’s collection of Origami Bowls reveals the ingenious beauty of simplicity. Small travel souvenirs and collectable treasures will find a new home in these bowls. Each Origami Bowl is composed of a single piece of leather carefully folded and slotted together to create a striking three-dimensional form. The Origami Bowls are available in a wide array of colours and can also be stacked to create a pyramidal sculpture.

Zanellato/Bortotto-Basket Table
Zanellato/Bortotto’s Basket Table features horizontal bands of leather delicately woven into the visually striking honeycomb motifs of its metal base – and beautifully crowned by a reflective enamelled lava-stone top. An evolution of the design of Lantern, one of the Italian duo’s earlier Objets Nomades, Basket Table is offered in red-white or cream-white colourways as either a coffee table or taller side table and is suitable for outdoor use.

Atelier Oï-Piva Lamp
Inspired by an open pinecone, Atelier Oï’s imposing Piva Lamp is composed of multiple frosted glass “bracelets” interspersed with a series of large and beautifully arranged leather “petals”. Mounted on a metal disc, these leather pieces are a different colour on each side and carefully shaped so that the lamp appears to change colour as the viewer moves around it. The lamp is offered in three colourways, Cream/Gold, Fire Red/Gold, or Electric Blue/Silver, and continues the experiments in two-tone leatherwork that the Swiss design studio began with its Spiral Lamp. Whether in its round or oblong version, the Piva Lamp is both a daring and dramatic sculpture and an ode to the beauty of constantly shifting colour and light.

Campana Brothers-Cocoon
See it swinging gently from its gilded steel and brass hook and the Cocoon becomes an invitation to while away the day. A delicately perforated pod of vacuum-moulded fibreglass – the same material as surfboards – is then covered with calfskin on the exterior and quilted leather on the inside. With its broadcloth-covered cushions that are both warm and comforting, the Cocoon is like a protective shell designed to enfold, envelop and reassure. It is offered in a rainbow of vibrant colours as well as an exclusive version in sheep fur.

Studio Louis Vuitton-Flower Carafe
Hand-crafted by Venetian artisans in Murano, the Flower Carafe by Studio Louis Vuitton has a base featuring a beautiful bas-relief version of the Monogram flower in which the words “Louis Vuitton Paris” are delicately engraved. Its flowing design perfectly coordinates with the collection’s Twist Glasses and is available in the same five colours: Cristal Clear, Amber, Venetian Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Marc Fornes’s Pavilion Nomad at Palazzo Serbelloni
For 2023, Louis Vuitton’s annual exhibition of nomadic architecture in Milan has welcomed Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY’s Pavilion Nomad, a fascinating example of the French architect’s signature coral-like structures, in the courtyard of Palazzo Serbelloni. Resembling a living being that has organically bubbled up from the palazzo’s courtyard, the intriguing and inviting ultra-thin form is built with a complex assemblage of over 1,600 of uniquely shaped and patterned anodized aluminium sheets, some as thin as 1 millimetre. The architecture studio’s specially created building is the latest vision of nomadic architecture presented by the Maison during Milan Design Week after Charlotte Perriand’s La Maison au bord de l’eau (2015), Matti Suuronen’s Futuro House (2017), George Candilis’s Hexacube (2018), Shigeru Ban’s Paper Temporary Studio (2019), and Michel Hudrisier and M. Roma’s Nova House (2022).

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