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Tech Eden, towards a paradise regained, the inspirational theme of Maison&Objet 2024

Tech Eden, towards a paradise regained, the inspirational theme of Maison&Objet 2024


In 2024, Maison&Objet is celebrating thirty years of French decoration, design and art of living. On this occasion, the show will take its visitors to a re-enchanted future, reconciling technology and nature.
Defying the antithesis in its title Tech Eden, the theme of this anniversary year will be available for twelve months at the Parisian show, in the city’s showrooms and on the MOM marketplace. It will be embodied in the three territories of expression dear to Maison&Objet: interior architecture, retail and hospitality. Following on from Enjoy!, Tech Eden displays a dreamlike optimism in shapes and colors, this time focused on a futuristic biophilia, a new setting for well-being.

This 2024 theme is imagined in collaboration with the creative strategy consulting agency Peclers Paris, according to which it is a question of “highlighting the profound evolution of the relationship between science and nature, and projecting it into a sustainable and desirable future. » Wishing to give substance and poetry to progress, Peclers offers a prospective subject rich in scenographic interpretations, sometimes soothing, sometimes energizing, always inspiring. It is a story between futuristic utopia and new realities which will irrigate the events of the show, covering all sectors of interior decoration and design, crafts and artistic professions, retail, decorations and hospitality.

Through immersive experiences, Tech Eden invites professionals to rethink the creation and layout of spaces, enhanced by technological innovation, adopting innovative aesthetic and environmental approaches. Furthermore, crises and societal tensions reinforce the need to feel good at home and cutting-edge technologies respond to this with new services inspired by nature, of which they offer a sophisticated version. Reflecting this quest for well-being in the home, and in all places occupied on a daily basis, the office, the hotel room or even the spa, Maison&Objet launched, in September 2023, its new Well-being & Beauty sector , which, through its selection, reconciles rituals to feel good and gentle, tame technological innovations, promoting a feeling of cocoon in the home.

The advancement of digital technology, smartphones and tablets which concentrate functions, 3D printing processes, the exponential progression of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the multiple, more intuitive connected objects also accompany service design and mobility, to reinforce this quest for well-being.
In a hyperconnected, digitalized and physical universe, between reality and fiction, virtual tours, 3D glasses in augmented reality, rub shoulders with aromatherapy, light therapy, summoning the awakening of the five senses of the human being in the locations of the hospitality of tomorrow. Restaurants decorated in a warm, “home-like” setting are resurfacing, while the Laurea Spa at the Savoy Palace offers total immersion in greenery, near the mythical Madeira Forest.

The consumers of the future are looking for more qualitative experiences, but with very marked scalable potential that are resolutely eco-responsible, like the 3D printing hotel project, El Cosmico in Texas, created in collaboration with BIG, ICON and Liz Lambert.
Tech Eden will be available in several places, in which its futuristic aesthetics, its technological progress, but also its softness and its appetite for a rediscovered biophilia will be expressed. Places are hybridizing, uses are mixing. At their head: The store, seen according to three trends; the habitat like a beneficial cocoon; and the hospitality sector, a capsule of escape.

For January 2024, Maison&Objet names Mathieu Lehanneur as “Designer of the Year. At each edition, this award honours a key personality in the international design and decoration landscape. The uniqueness of Mathieu Lehanneur’s universe, together with the globality of his creative approach, makes this French designer a trailblazer for the design and decoration community. During the January show, Mathieu Lehanneur will have carte blanche to create the scenography for his dedicated space, reflecting his research and career path. He has revealed the name, Outonomy, along with a few other clues. Rendez-vous from 18 to 22 January 2024 for the rest of the adventure…

From his end-of-studies project, Mathieu Lehanneur took side roads. His degree focuses on drug design, with the aim of improving the patient’s relationship with his illness and its treatment. The concept reached the ears of the team at MoMA in New York, who immediately integrated it into its permanent collections. Independent by nature, straight out of school he created his own studio in 2001, collaborating with luxury brands, such as Cartier or Veuve Clicquot, designing spaces, creating furniture and objects. In 2015, in parallel with his activities, he was appointed Chief Designer of Huawei. “Because objects have the power to transform us, because we are body and mind, because what we possess represents us”: Mathieu Lehanneur’s manifesto places his research in the tangible and the intangible. He gets closer to scientists and startups, combining design, technology, art and artisanal know-how. He also draws his inspiration from nature and history. In 2007, he created the Andrea air purifier in collaboration with Harvard University. In 2018, he asserted his independence by creating the brand that bears his name. Everything that now bears his signature is designed, produced and sold by his structure. “Whatever I want, here, I can make it come true”, he says. During the 2020 pandemic, he designed State of the World, a collection of aluminum sculptures showing the historical variations recorded in each country’s population pyramids. He has just designed the Olympic and Paralympic Torch for the Paris 2024 Games and will soon reveal the large Vasque. Here he is “Designer of the Year” Maison&Objet the same year.

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