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Innovation, uniqueness and taste by Armani/Casa during Milan Design Week 2023

Innovation, uniqueness and taste by Armani/Casa during Milan Design Week 2023


For the very first time, Giorgio Armani opened the doors of Palazzo Orsini, historic headquarter of the company, to present the new Armani/Casa collection to the public of Milan Design Week 2023. New proposals, including the brand’s first outdoor collection, and new editions of established classics were displayed in a setting that conveys sophisticated domestic charm, revealing the creative epicentre where the highest expressions of Armani style come to life.

A unique display creates a path from the hidden garden – accessed from the 17th century porticoed courtyard – through the frescoed rooms usually reserved for Haute Couture, unveiling the new designs one after the other. This narrative installation is echoed in the Armani/Casa shop windows on Corso Venezia, where some of the season’s offerings will be featured, creating a connection that underscores the intent to communicate directly with the public: a filter-free openness that is a cornerstone of the always-heartfelt and autobiographical way in which Giorgio Armani tells his story and conveys the brand’s projects.
“My work, both in fashion and in design, is a constant pursuit for balance that comes from the choice of materials and the expert skill of the hands that create it. Opening the doors of the brand’s historic headquarters to the public at the Salone del Mobile and unveiling the new Armani/Casa collection in such an intimate setting is a way of highlighting this process. It’s also a way to accentuate the variety of the offering, which uses this season to focus on outdoor furniture and the exquisite materials featured on such excellently crafted furnishings”, says Giorgio Armani.

The pathway: from the garden to the frescoed rooms
Inside the building, the visitor is immediately immersed in a unique and intimate atmosphere that puts them at ease. In the secret garden, the first Armani/Casa collection entirely dedicated to outdoor use is revealed in a display that recalls the light hues of the building and blends perfectly into the surroundings. The expression of an unmistakeable aesthetic style, the solid teak furniture series includes the Terence sofa and armchair with footrest, the Timothy sunlounger, the large Thomas dining table, the Turner and Terry side tables, and the Thelma folding armchair. The clean, rounded lines find contrast in wooden surfaces embellished with a unique engraved finish that recalls the interweaving of wicker. The seats and cushions are upholstered with a textured and luminous Armani/Casa jacquard fabric, specially designed to withstand the outdoors, available in vivid solid colours or with stylised palm motifs inspired by various collection patterns.

Following the path through the courtyard and the porticoes, guests are led to the first-floor rooms that form part of the Armani Privé atelier. In the first room, a few wicker pieces with curvy lines are displayed, highlighting the transition from the outside to the inside with subtle variations of neutral tones. Imagining a new home configuration, the living space is amplified to create continuity and an aesthetic finish. The theme of lightness and the concept of embellishing furniture elements with interwoven components is seen once again in these pieces designed for the veranda: the Pretty chaise and sofa; the Sharon sofa and armchair with footrest; the Melrose and Ted tables, with tops in exquisite Taj Mahal quartzite and brass details, which are the newest addition to the permanent pieces – the Nelson dining table and Riesling bar cabinet – on display at the Corso Venezia boutique.

In the following rooms, some of the most sought-after pieces are presented: new editions of iconic furniture crafted from exquisite materials and with the same artisanal workmanship as a Haute Couture creation. As such, the Sofia chair, the Antoinette dressing table and the Camilla desk are offered in new versions, hand-crafted in Italy and featuring mother-of-pearl tiles arranged in a mosaic pattern over the entire surface, creating an almost-hypnotic weave with a palpable textured finish. These unique furnishings reaffirm the collection’s Oriental inspiration – a prominent feature of Armani’s aesthetic – conveying it with such precision that the Art Deco overtones are perceived with an indescribable spirit of synthesis.

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