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Italian design in the spotlight

Italian design in the spotlight


On the occasion of the International Day of Italian Design celebrated simultaneously in 100 countries, the Beirut office of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon, organized on July 8, an event at the premises of the Italian Embassy in Baabda, in the presence of Ambassador Nicoletta Bombardiere and the Trade Commissioner of the ITA office in Beirut, Claudio Pasqualucci, as well as decorators, architects, consultants and entrepreneurs. The event was preceded on July 7 by a reception at the rooftop of Design Lounge in Mansourieh.

The initiative, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Lebanon and ‘Medelehan The Global Design Network’, is notably marked by the remote and live participation of the famous architect Federico Del Rosso.
The program includes a hybrid conference, in English, in the presence of a limited number of interior designers, architects, consultants, entrepreneurs, press and television representatives, invited to inaugurate the Italian Design Day and the mini-exhibition of emblematic pieces representing the excellence of Italian design provided by Lebanese partners such as Cesar Debbas & Fils, Design Lounge, Furniture Line (Natuzzi Middle East Rep.Office), Galerie Vivre, Farra Design Center, Intermeuble, La Galerie Semaan, Le Cercle Hitti, M Group (Minotti Beirut), Obegi Better Home, Talge Luminaire.
In her speech, Nicoletta Bombardiere, Italian ambassador to Beirut, said: “The Italian Design Day represents a project aimed at spreading the knowledge of the design as fundamental element of the Made in Italy, and to develop opportunities of dialogue with the operators of the market, designers and enterprises alike. It marks an ideal connection with two world renowned events, which contribute to identifying Milan as one of the global capitals of design: the Salone del Mobile, which will take place on September 5th-10th, and the Triennale International Exhibition, which will take place from May 20th until November 20th 2022, and I strongly encourage everyone to attend. As both the Salone del Mobile and the Triennale show, design is a fundamental connector between man and matter.
“The interaction between design and the urban space, according to the diplomat, is a core theme of the Italian Design Day, which aims at investigating on how design can intervene in a complex and constantly changing reality like the contemporary city, searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges. Through creativity, and technological development, quality design can and does bring about innovative and sustainable solutions in all domains of contemporary life.”
She continued: “In such a context, design allows to give enhanced value to the human, cultural and natural resources, helping to face the ever-changing challenges of our times. Italy has long adopted a strategy which combines scientific and technological development with artisanal heritage and traditions, and is today at the forefront of this path.”
The ambassador further assured that: “in the context of the current crisis that Lebanon is facing, we believe that Italian design can provide a valuable partner, in implementing the principle of “Build back better”, which is the theme of today’s event. The sustainability of the reconstruction of Beirut is a crucial issue, and is at the core of the ongoing initiatives in support of the rehabilitation of the neighborhoods damaged by the explosion at the Port. Yet, environmental and energetic sustainability represent a concept with far reaching consequences, that go beyond the reconstruction of Beirut, and entail a new relationship between the citizen and its city, the urban environment and the social fabric it hosts”, she concluded.
The ceremony was followed by an online presentation of the Italian architect Federico Del Rosso. Finally, a guided tour closed the activities with a story about the exhibits told by local representatives.

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