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Chiaramonte-Marin: the design, a good idea

Chiaramonte-Marin: the design, a good idea


The italian studio Chiaramonte-Marin, formed by Alfredo Chiaramonte, architect, and Marco Marin, industrial designer, builds on their common passion for design, in order to reach diverse artistic horizons. The two designers thus collaborate with the giants of the European manufacture and participate in the largest exhibitions.

After being submerged in the world of Murano for a while, designers Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin join their artistic vigor to establish a multidisciplinary workshop. From interiors, graphics, products and lighting designs, the eponymous studio would have no boundaries in the design world. With an almost constant creative process, the creators begin each new adventure by focusing on the material envisaged and the techniques to be implemented. Thus, this experimental aspect makes it possible, each time, to generate new ideas. Their great fascination with glass is explicitly illustrated in their designs. Indeed, the tradition that comes into play during the making of the blown glass, the teamwork and the artistic dimension would be responsible for this affiliation. This allows the production of Knot pendant lights in 2016 with the Czech manufacturer Brokis. Simple, elegant but nevertheless sophisticated, this luminaire draws its inspiration directly from the gondolas of Venice and the ropes that tie the boats together on the quay.

Chiaramonte-Marin designs an assembly between two distinct materials, of different texture and composition, to express a certain rough delicacy. Regarding furniture, and more precisely garden furniture, the Italian duo imagines, for Emu, a steel swing called Cool-là, an unusual piece of furniture defying all categorization. The product represents a kind of nest, a cocoon sheltered from the sun, rotating and producing a pleasant, relaxing and intimate atmosphere outside. At work or during their travels, designers walk around with wide open eyes, always alert, not to miss any detail – no matter how small it is. According to their vision, ideas are drawn from everything around us. In this logic and their inspiration from the natural world, is born Néochic de Vistosi. With an irregular shape, however straddling a triangular and circular appearance to standardize production, this lamp would be an industrial representation of pebbles in their pure state.

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Moreover, still in the organic universe, Chiaramonte-Marin evokes the branching of trees, with Rametto by Morosini, suspended or wall lamp. Modular and interconnected, magnets allow ceramic elements to cling to each other, resulting in many variations, and therefore product customization. On the seating side, in 2017, a collaboration with Cizeta L’abbate began, resulting in the creation of the Remo family of seating. These multi-use chairs would have many variations and colors: stools, stackable chairs and bar seats. The ingenious design of this work lies in the detail of the structure of the foot, which widens and evolves from an elliptical to flat, thus imitating the aspect of the oars of the boats in the Venetian lagoon. Since 2001, the studio is still in the biggest design exhibitions, such as the furniture fair in Milan and Maison & Objet in Paris. In the graphics field, the firm would be responsible for the identity of a few brands: catalogs, packaging, invitations, logos, etc.

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