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Atelier Oï, a creative philosophy

Atelier Oï, a creative philosophy


The Atelier Oï design studio was founded in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond. Coming from an intuitive and emotional affinity with the act of shaping different materials, their projects are rightly recognized and admired around the world.

For 27 years, the creators of this Swiss studio, Aurel Aebi (1966), Armand Louis (1966) and Patrick Reymond (1962), have strived to dissolve the barriers between genres and foster interdisciplinary creativity. In fact, the name Oï, derived from the Russian word troika – a team of three – expresses the dynamism and holistic energy generated by a trio. Over the course of their achievements, architecture, design and scenography have become intertwined on an international scale. Team spirit and an intimate relationship with the equipment are their watchwords. Between experimentation, cultural exchanges and events dedicated to their creations, they have designed a multitude of objects for prestigious brands such as Artemide, B&B Italia, Bvlgari, Foscarini, Louis Vuitton, Moroso, Passoni Nature, Pringle d’Ecosse, Röthlisberger, USM, Victorinox, Rimowa and many others. Atelier Oï is the result of an alliance rooted in humanity and art, where the word workshop is a place of intellectual and manual know-how. For designers, it is about sharing values ​​and ideals. The trio are bound by the intangible bond of the desire to grow up and venture together on a journey that never denies their individual paths. Their alliance brings together open minds, who share their visions.

The founders’ deep involvement in architecture, design and shipbuilding, as well as the meeting with charismatic personalities like Alberto Sartoris and Ettore Sottsass, shaped the philosophy of this firm, which strives to go beyond commonly set limits. Always elegant and coherent, the works of Atelier Oï express the desire for a harmonious and natural unity. They embody a pro-ethical vision that attempts to bring the individual closer to the elements, nature, matter and emotions. Thus, a rich spectrum of inspirations supports the creative process of designers: music, colors, light, scents and movement… Their goal? Create a sense of pleasure, while precisely meeting needs. Clean, minimalist and always produced according to rigorous standards, their objects seduce by awakening the memory, the senses and the conscience.

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Their projects are a celebration of diversity, a fusion of disciplines that are often mistakenly considered separate entities. This way of thinking and working expands the boundaries of the imagination, opens up unexpected perspectives and opens up new horizons. The material is explored and adapted with tireless curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery. This recalls the know-how of yesteryear, the skills of the craftsman shaping the material and transforming it with passion and respect. The headquarters of the workshop, located in La Neuveville, Switzerland, halfway between the north and the south of Europe and straddling a linguistic border, is a real tool to support the artistic process and group projects. Placed at the crossroads of diverse cultures and influences, it is through the exchange of ideas and sensitivities of team members that their talent can explode.

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