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At Studio Kairos, the dream, a source of design

At Studio Kairos, the dream, a source of design

In classical Greek, Kairos means good point, good place, good time and good measure… Inspired by this concept, Studio Kairos was founded, in 1980, by the italian architects Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion, to devote itself to industrial design and interior design.

In ancient Greece, the word kairos was the concept that defined the optimal way to operate and design things. For example, choosing the right place for building a house and, at the same time, waiting for the right time to do the work: this balanced combination of space and time guarantees a good result. Starting from this point of view, the two italian architects and designers Giuseppe Manente, born in Mestre in 1947, and Abramo Mion, born in Mirano in 1951, set up the Kairos design studio in Milan in 1980. Two other architects Join them since and collaborate closely with them: Paolo Nicol Greco, since 2000, and Giacomo Mion, since 2012.

Active in the fields of construction, decoration and industrial design, the office has prestigious clients, such as B&B Italia, Arper, Bontempi, Colombo Design, Comune di Venezia, Dada, Dolomite, Foscarini, Fincantieri, Koleksiyon, Herman Miller, Molteni&C, Moroso, Lema, Murakoshi Japan, Nordica, Poliform, Boffi and Varenna. Thanks to his innovative talent, Kairos won the Compasso d’Oro in 1984 with the Sisamo wardrobe, designed for B&B Italia, which also obtained the title of Furniture of the Year, awarded by the magazine Schöner Wohnen. The studio also receives many other important honorary awards, such as the Milano Office Design in 1992 and the Red Dot Award 2015, for the Halia office chair, designed for the Koleksiyon label.

Through its creative genius, the studio seeks to put in place a harmonious teamwork for the design of its models. In addition to the new items constantly imagined, many others, designed and produced for more than fifteen years, are still in progress and appreciated today. For Kairos, the beauty of the design comes from the fact that it doesn’t have a label. “Being designers makes us free”, explains Giuseppe Manente. Creating, through your profession, an object that did not exist before often allows you to experience indescribable emotions. In addition, this profession is strongly linked to the daily life experiences of individuals. Any time of day, whatever it is, can be inspirational.

Artistic expression extends beyond the limits set by customs, timetables and deadlines, and it is no coincidence that designers enjoy the sea, sailing, forest walks and travel, which activate their freedom to imagine. For them, architecture is above all synonymous with curiosity, a spring that allows one not to shut down mentally. Added to this is enthusiasm, a feeling that everyone must cultivate in order to always experience, verify, assume, explore and dream. “Dreams are the source of all our projects” they say, and this is the spirit with which they undertake their work. Inventing something from scratch, using your own imagination, is irreplaceable and surprising at the same time. As a result, design allows them to discover new elements every day and to welcome continual evolution.

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