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Y residence in Finland

Y residence in Finland


The Y house in Iisalmi, Finland, is a design by architect Teemu Pirinen. It is the modern and ecological re-imagination of a living space overtaken by new times, where the synergy between man and nature is enhanced.

When Teemu Pirinen was commissioned to design this housing project in the Iisalmi region of Finland, he found there an almost old-fashioned mansion flanked by manicured gardens, in complete contrast to the green simplicity, and white in winter, of the surrounding nature. In contrast, the client had two desires: to rehabilitate the land in a pine forest and to build a house of modest dimensions, in harmony with this reborn nature. The result is a construction made up of three barns, arranged in a Y. Each barn, depending on the living areas it houses, is declined on a spatial scale different from the other two. These variations help to create a natural distinction between the three parts of the building, a hierarchy of daily functions that follows the cycle of the sun. The guests accompany the movement of natural light, while making the most of the exterior panorama, since the architecture of the house offers, on 245°, an interrupted view of the lake. Protected terraces, to face the winds of the region, extend on two sides. Residence and patios are elevated to maximize the experience of the landscape. Thus made, the house represents, at the same time, a generational leap and a definite change in architectural ideology.

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