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When a warehouse becomes a villa in Slovenia

When a warehouse becomes a villa in Slovenia


It is in the town of Ptuj, Slovenia, that the Slovenian architecture studio Arhitektura AB Objekt completes the harmonious transformation of a former store and warehouse into a charming family home, which exudes freshness and clarity.

Bostjan Matul and Dominik Sagadin, principal managers of the Slovenian architectural firm Arhitektura AB objekt, are successfully undertaking a radical renovation of a store in the town of Ptuj, Slovenia. Thanks to their combined efforts, this stall which, in a previous life, served as a store in a style dating from the early 80s, has a new life and is converted into a family villa. Its old, typical Slovenian gable roof, characterized by a lot of black wood and very little natural light, is transformed for the needs of the new project. Although recognizing the significant architectural quality of the wooden roof of the old warehouse, the architects opened and colored it in white to make the living area of ​​the house more spacious and bright. The construction covers an area of ​​229,5 m² and is built on a plot of 594 m², laid out as a garden by the talented landscape architect Mitja Skerjanec. Along the south and west part of the house stretches a newly added canopy, clad in untreated natural larch. Thus, the terrace becomes an extension of the residence and the interior life extends the garden.

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