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View of the pines

View of the pines


Rather than a constraint, the sloping topography of this land was an opportunity for Ramón Esteve in his conception of this residence in Valencia, Spain, with a very mediterranean atmosphere. Overlooking a natural garden dotted with pine trees, it adapts perfectly to its level environment.

This Ramón Esteve house is located in a residential area of ​​Rocafort, Valencia, Spain. From its 571 m2 and the top of its hill, it is easy for it to dominate the land of which it is part. It descends in wooded slopes until it reaches, at the lowest point, a pine forest. Further on green spaces and wild forests. Not claiming to fit noiselessly into its surroundings, the construction plays on contrasts. Nature offers him the vertical arrangement of its trees; it gives it a horizontal and oblong structure. This is a long, continuous and leveled balcony that adapts to the present topography without, however, blending into it. The interior space is oriented according to multiple perspectives. Its spatial continuity reflects that of its exterior. The common living areas are thus distributed smoothly, and almost transparently, by a few key elements, such as the stairs or the fireplace. Striking in form, the residence harmonizes with the surrounding nature through its materials: wood, natural stone and visible concrete, dyed to imitate the color of the rock naturally present on the land. A mixture of contradictions worthy of any Mediterranean!

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