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Vacation house by the sea, in Paphos

Vacation house by the sea, in Paphos


French-Lebanese architect Tatiana Lati renovated this vacation home, located in the popular Paphos CoastaL Resort in Cyprus. Set on a 1,200 m2 plot of land, it enjoys a breathtaking view of century-old palm trees framing the sea.

The owners fell in love with the house on their first visit. Spread over three levels, this second home imitates the Greek islands of Mykonos or Paros, all in white stucco. The house, designed by Tatiana Lati and occupying 385 m2, required a complete renovation: floors, doors, windows, fireplace, exterior walls, solar panels, smart system, lighting, remodeling of the pool and garden, enlargement of the openings to the sea, redefinition of the interior spaces… In fact, all the equipment, such as sanitary facilities, kitchen, carpentry and pergolas, were changed. The coverings too. Only the white textured paint is used, to preserve the character of the property as well as that of the neighboring houses, and because it fits the desired spirit, minimalist but poetic at the same time. The atmosphere is bright, uncluttered, just like the owners’ desires. The functional aspect is also thought. Exterior materials are resistant to water, heat and corrosion. The aluminum shutters are painted blue. The lawn running down to the sea surrounds the building, punctuated at the entrance by palm trees and framed by hedges on the pool side. On the second floor, there are three bedrooms. The first floor includes the kitchen open to the living room and the dining room as well as an office. The basement functions independently, like a guest house. It benefits from natural light through a generously sized patio and is equipped with a guest toilet, a kitchenette/bar, a television room with a surround sound system and two bedrooms, each with its own shower room. A unique material is used for the floor. It is composed of large textured white matte ceramic tiles, which match the walls. Occasionally, walnut or blue wood, identical to the color of the shutters, contrasts the flooring. No hedges or partitions mark the boundary of the land on the seaward side, allowing the water surface to invite itself into the interior spaces and the eyes of the owners to escape. A music system completes the atmosphere. A seaside house in Cyprus where you can laze, relax, dream and dance from sunset to dawn.

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