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Under the sign of metal

Under the sign of metal

An innovative style for cutting-edge activities: in the municipality of Montelupo Fiorentino, Florence, Italy, the italian architectural firm LDA.iMdA Architetti Associati has designed, in a futuristic approach, the headquarters of VoipVoice, a company specializing in marketing , communication and network services.

The headquarters of the digital services company VoipVoice, built in the manufacturing region of Empoli, in the florentine countryside, is the work of the talented italian studio LDA.iMdA Architetti Associati. It is part of a program aimed at reactivating the construction of italian industrial zones, which had experienced a building crisis in 2008. Sophisticated and modern, this project sets up significant and innovative elements, compatible with high-tech activity of the society. Thus, the use of metal, deployed as a filter on the facade, metaphorically recalls the digital network on which the company’s work is focused. In addition, this anodized aluminum trellis, used as an enveloping skin on the vertical surface, allows it to give it different light reflections, while hiding the office windows. The result is an elegant, light and gray succession of expanses, without any interruptions or contamination from other elements. Architects rely on the connection between indoors and outdoors to create views of the surrounding hills and landscape, and to establish a perfect link between light and shadow, so that this workplace can, above all, produce positive feelings of tranquility, harmony and wonder in its users.

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