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Under the Mediterranean sun

Under the Mediterranean sun


It is on one of the most beautiful hills of the greek island of Kea that this magnificent second home stands, blending divinely into the landscape. Created by the architectural firm Cometa, the building honors traditional construction techniques.

Located an hour from Athens, the island of Kea (or Tzia) is one of the most serene and wildest in the Cyclades archipelago. Characterized by its rocky hills, it has largely inspired the architectural firm Cometa, which drew on its soil to extract the stones with which the exterior walls of the house are covered. In addition, the construction techniques traditionally used on the island are respected: the residence has small openings that allow ventilation to be controlled and a rainwater collection system. The ancestral method, known as kotounto, is also applied. It provides empty distances between the building and the rocks that surround it, to channel water from the mountain, and thus helps to keep the walls and foundations of the house protected from humidity. The villa has three major volumes. The first includes the kitchen and the living room, the second is a connecting space between the different rooms and the third houses the bedrooms and a storage space. The furnishings are simple and modest in appearance, like everywhere else in Kea. The shutters painted in light gray blend into the landscape, under the beautiful Mediterranean sun.

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