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The Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, a major destination

The Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, a major destination


Opening in March 2022 near the massive Khalifa International Stadium, the world’s largest sports museum is impressive. Designed by Spanish architect Joan Sibina, the 19,000 square meter Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum 3-2-1 features five irregular rings reminiscent of the Olympic rings. A fun experience, tracing the history of early sports, from the Olympics to the World Cup in Qatar, through seven galleries filled with screens and immersive technology.

Located in Doha and designed by Spanish architect Joan Sibina, 3-2-1 is the latest member of the Olympic museum network and one of the most innovative and technologically advanced museums dedicated to sport, ensuring an unforgettable and inspiring journey through the history and heritage of sport. Through its interactive spaces and programming, it engages its visitors and the public in sports and activities. It is adjacent to the Khalifa International Stadium, one of eight that will be used for the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar, and consists of two buildings: a main structure that follows the arc of the stadium and an adjoining round access building dictated by the Olympic rings. Its unique exhibits and remarkable collection present the history and contemporary significance of the Olympic Games, universal heroes and the development of sport in Qatar. They explore the massive impact of the mega-events hosted by the emirate over the past decades.

The 3-2-1 has seven galleries housing objects from all corners of the blue planet, from the origins of sport to the present day, as well as a café, restaurant and souvenir store. Organized under the direction of Kevin Moore, PhD, assistant director of curatorial affairs, these seven areas are: World of Emotion, the first area visitors will encounter. It serves as the lobby and reception area and provides an overview of the museum’s themes and the central role of sports in the country. A Global History of Sport, a journey through the world history of this discipline, from ancient times to modern times. The program includes nearly 100 objects and reproductions, ranging from the eighth century BC to the early twentieth century, accompanied by graphics, audiovisual and other interactive digital elements. The gallery is organized into geographic and thematic sections, focusing on different historical periods in Europe, Asia and Oceania, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.

The Olympics section goes from the ancient Olympic Games to the birth of the modern Olympics, their growth and importance today. All the summer and winter torches since 1936 are on display. In its Olympic theater, an immersive video traces the modern history of this great competition and reveals the geopolitical, social and technological factors that allowed individuals, including Pierre de Coubertin, to revive it. The Hall of Athletes is a celebration of the heroes, old and new, of this field. Passengers will be able to meet them, be inspired by their journeys and marvel at their achievements. Spanning three floors, this section features 90 athletes from the 20th and 21st centuries, representing a wide range of international sports. It hosts a series of eye-catching exhibits, each focusing on a different champion and including informative texts as well as intriguing or impressive objects (both historical and replicas).

Qatar – Host Nation confirms that the mega-sports events hosted by Qatar over the past decades have become a subject of global fascination and national pride and that the country is a true host of international sporting events, starting with the 2006 Doha Asian Games. A tour of the most memorable moments of these events, including those at the Khalifa Stadium since its opening in 1976. Qatar Sports presents the inspiring story of the development of local sport, from traditional games to international sport and the development of international competitions. It reveals how sport has been and continues to be essential to the growth of the emirate, looking ahead to the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022. It also returns to long-established activities such as falconry, pearl diving and camel racing, their reflection in oral traditions and their connection to the country’s heritage and landscape. The Activation Zone promotes physical activity and encourages healthy, active lifestyles. Visitors are invited to walk through six spaces that evoke the nation’s landscape. As they explore the park, the market and desert, the beach, the city and finally the arena, they will participate in a variety of fun challenges.

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