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The hidden treasure of Sardinia

The hidden treasure of Sardinia


Marketed by the prestigious Christie’s International in 2015, villa Garibaldina took fourteen years of love and patience to fully mature its charms. Hidden among the greenery and hills of the Emerald Coast in Sardinia, the villa is the work of art of its owners.

From the purchase of La Garibaldina in 2001, the Poli set to work to restore this Sardinian terroir to all its charm. Protected by the lush greenery of the Emerald Coast, they are designing a mediterranean masterpiece, spread over 7.5 hectares. Harmonized in style, hence its name reminiscent of Garibaldi, who unified modern Italy, the estate includes six country mansions: La Cicala, on 382 m², serves as a party room and this is where the staff of the House; La Volpe has four bedrooms, on two floors; the three guesthouses, La Civetta, La Cuertola and La Tartaruga, offer the privacy of a single room; finally, La Lepre, a villa with two splendid en-suite bedrooms, with private entrances and terraces. The overall architecture is inspired by traditional stazzu. Here we see thick walls, sloping roofs, handmade terracotta tiles on the outside and inside. Everywhere, materials from local artists. Some doors are in walnut from northern Italy, others are antiques carefully selected from the provinces. Not to mention the marble, from Orosei in Sardinia, which enhances the rustic furniture, and the recycled wood of the ceilings and floors. Dream gardens, citrus and olive groves and sea views… Everything conspires to make La Garibaldina a true temple of peace!

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