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The eagle’s nest house in Arizona, USA

The eagle’s nest house in Arizona, USA


It is not for nothing that the area of ​​Arizona where this home, signed by Kendle Design Collaborative, is located is called Paradise Valley. Hence a concept where the magnificence of the panorama reigns supreme and the interior beats to the rhythm of its environment.

The essence of Kendle Design Collaborative is living architecture, thanks to which materials combine in a changing tapestry according to the perspectives. In this home in Arizona, USA, each season reveals a new aspect of family life in harmony with nature. Defying all logic, the house seems to have started with its roof, whose inclined canopies project the construction towards the valley in sight, both urban and mountainous. Aesthetically remarkable, they are no less doubly functional. Their rich pigment conditions the temperature of spaces, both private and outdoor. Their composition defines the volumes of the interlocking and separating rooms without visible barriers. Thus, the intimate living room is transformed into a large living room which extends, on one side and the other, into the forecourt and back garden. Same playful game in the kitchen, where the dining area splits onto the veranda. Here, the pleasure is multiplied by the contrast of views: the wild escarpment of the rock to the west and the peaceful worldliness of the city to the east. Overlooking, the hosts’ art studio bathes in the light from the bay windows. Weightless between the tops of Camelback Mountain and those of the trees in the park, it embodies the spirit of the dwelling, balancing between the lightness of being and rooting in the land.

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