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Technology and nature

Technology and nature


Baoye Group employed LYCS Architecture for its offices in Shanghai to showcase its innovation in the construction industry and its humanistic culture focused on employee development and well-being. In the end, the work harmonizes what, at the beginning, seems to be opposed.

Industry, technology, nature and humanism are not concepts often in harmony. These were, however, the four axes around which the Shanghai Baoye Centre is built. Created by LYCS Architecture, the complex plays on a kind of relationship between spaces, moods and ideas. It begins with a fireplace in an interior courtyard, where the vitality and energy provided by the sun and the plants prevail. At the end of the day, a sculptural wooden staircase sets the pace. Another element of exchange, the colors signifying the passage from one environment and from one mood to another. Dark gray for industrious spaces, warm wood for those conducive to well-being. Materials combine innovative characters with functions, which creates openness and intimacy. Design is also playing a role to increase this effect harmonizing work and private life. Thus, in the rooms, a reminder of the Shanghai skyline transformed into a design element thanks to the use of two colors of wood, uneven at different heights. A spirit that shows that the time for the rigidity of the offices is over.

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