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Sustainability in evolution

Sustainability in evolution

Completely eco-friendly and customizable, this 200 m2 prefabricated mansion, located in São Paulo, Brazil, is designed by Studio Arthur Casas in collaboration with SysHaus, a brazilian engineering and construction start-up that aims to create attractive homes and respectful of the environment.

It is in the ecological vision of the architecture of SysHaus and Studio Arthur Casas that this conception was born, in São Paulo: an environmentally friendly property, easily movable as it is, aesthetically pleasing and contemporary. The structure is made up of pillars and beams connecting by a system of metal cubes. Thus, it allows for several arrangements, customizable on a maximum of three floors and suitable for building on a plateau or on a slope. Its surfaces and coatings can be inserted, assembled and disassembled easily, without generating waste or consuming water. In fact, this habitable ecosystem is designed to capture and reuse rainwater, run on solar energy, and turn organic waste into fuel gas for cooking and fireplaces, with the option of a green roof. As a true model of the future, the house is empowered to accommodate automated additions, including smart locks or cameras connected to household appliances. The interior is available in independent and self-supporting modules. Everything here, including kitchen and cabinets, can be easily transposed, to suit the rooms, like to a new address. Hand in hand, the construction process, the materials chosen and the innovative technologies create a home in a state of constant evolution which, paradoxically, makes its durability.

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