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Sumptuous heritage

Sumptuous heritage


The team of the portuguese studio Architecture and Design Lda intervened in the city of Agueda, Portugal, on a building dating from the beginning of the 20th century and classified by Agueda Urban Master Planning “good of public interest”, and has transformed into an extraordinary residence.

It is in Agueda, in the center of Portugal, that the Architecture and Design Lda office, under the direction of the architects António Figueiredo and Manuela Fernandes, took charge of the renovation and modernization of a residence classified as an urban heritage of the city. This 950 m2 building exhibits on its facades a set of decorative elements with Art deco references, which give it a strong added value. These historical peculiarities, relating to portuguese architecture at the beginning of the 20th century, therefore prompted the owner to carry out a project of rehabilitation and expansion of the building, so that it could suit his own residence. The intervention on the property included demolition works of the interior divisions and cleaning of the facades, while preserving them. For this, and before the start of construction, molds of all exterior decorations are made, to ensure the integrity of the original design. An extension in white concrete is built to enlarge the premises, comprising interconnected volumes on two floors, including a ground floor designed for the kitchen and extra areas, and a floor comprising two additional bedrooms and their respective bathrooms. A perfect combination of the old and the present, this project vividly illustrates the optimization of a successful restoration.

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