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Sumptuous construction in Cape Town

Sumptuous construction in Cape Town


Out of sight on the city side, this 650 m2 house, located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, is completely open to the ocean side. A balance between privacy and openness to the world that the architectural firm Three14Architects has awarded in its design of the house.

With views of the Atlantic and Robben Island to the north, Lion’s Head Mountain to the south, and ocean sunsets to the west, this Bantry Bay, Cape Town home was created thanks to Three14Architects. In their desire to personalize their project to the needs of their client, they convince them to start from scratch. This is how instead of adding to an existing structure, they raise a whole new one, without compromising their architectural vision. First, a series of horizontal planes, in superimposed blocks, inserted between two vertical elements – massive and protective. These, in textured poured concrete, give the house its private aspect. Inside, the genius of the architects is expressed in their use of these structures. In bedrooms and bathrooms, they turn them into sultry backdrops. Elsewhere, they use them as storage spaces or for exhibiting works of art. Further on, they fashioned fireplaces and other functional elements. On the front side, a laser-cut engineered aluminum double screen provides elegant protection. A kind of speckled shell on which the shape of a tree is declined, specially chosen because of its sentimental significance for the owner, thus adding a very personal character to the serene one of this place of life.

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