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Subtle alchemy

Subtle alchemy

It was in Lithuania, in the city of Vilnius, that the Lithuanian architectural firm ArchLAB took charge of the design of a duplex with garden, to make it an idyllic place to well-being for its inhabitants.

The Lithuanian architectural studio ArchLAB, under the direction of architects Marijus Vroblevičius, Darius Birutis, Martynas Dagys and Paulius Vroblevičius, creates a villa of perfect proportions. The private residence is designed in a picturesque location and erected on land with panoramic city views. The additional advantage of the subdivision is its green surroundings near a public park. These qualities are a source of inspiration for designers, as they lead them to imagine facades with panoramic windows and large terraces. Natural and durable materials are used for the exterior finish. Thus, the stone walls combine harmoniously with the neutral or tinted windows, creating a contrasting result between opacity and transparency. The form of the building is minimalist and rational, with a built area of ​​180.97 square meters. Functionally, it is divided into two floors: on the ground floor are the main living areas and the covered patio, while the bedrooms are on the second level. As for the interior decoration, it is entrusted to the young Lithuanian architect Albertas Lagunovicius, who has accomplished wonders in terms of furnishings and accessories, mixing the sobriety of the zen spirit with more elaborate details.

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