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Sinuous colors and shapes

Sinuous colors and shapes

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Designed by architect Nina Edwards Anker of Nea Studio and located on Long Island, in New York State, this warm and welcoming home, with innovative and harmonious forms, is inspired by the concept of cocoon, from the English word cocoon, which expresses familiarity and security.

Looking like a charming curvilinear building, this LEED certified house on Long Island, in New York, is designed by Nina Edwards Anker of Nea Studio. Its external structure is lined with cedar shingles in order to blend harmoniously with the historic architecture of the neighborhood. The outermost facade, visible from the neighborhood, is structured to guarantee the privacy of the occupants, thanks to limited lighting points, while the south face, overlooking the garden, is composed of bay windows and wells from light. The choice of these sinks, in shades ranging from magenta to deep yellow, transmits a warm light inside the house, which makes it comfortable, while giving a pop touch to the resolutely minimalist environment. The main area, consisting of a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, turns out to be large and extremely bright, decorated with design elements such as the fireplace built into the curved wall. The master bedroom is lit abundantly and naturally, thanks to the glass walls which overlook the swimming pool. There is a magnificent bathtub, also accessible from the adjoining bathroom, enriched in turn by a large walk-in shower and a spacious vanity, ideal for gathering all the objects without altering the harmony of the room.


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